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What to Wear Home from the Hospital – Mila Kunis: Chic Mama

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed their child into the world this week – baby Wyatt. We decided to focus this week’s Chic Mama on the ideal – what to wear home from the hospital – attire. Here are some top tips from the Cahootsy camp:

Loose & Supportive: Getting the balance right here is key. You want enough support without being too clingy. Take a look at the jogging bottoms, vest and T shirt below.

Slip on Shoes: Anything that can let those feet and ankles breath is perfect – we love the pair below as they have a little bit coverage in case it is raining.

Mummy treats: Pampering yourself is certainly a nice thing to do before you leave the hospital. Sooth your tummy with the Mother’s Balm and look after your breasts with the Bosom Buddies.

Take a look below the image to find the links to all the lovely new mum goodies.

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