what do parents really want?

What parents want? Their top 5 shopping needs


What Women Want

Remember this film? How good would it be to take a break from second guessing our kids every move and let someone tap into our heads for a change.

So what do parents want? We never really get asked that question. We went to the one place that draws new parents from across the country – The Baby Show.

baby show Disclaimer: we know all parents want more sleep, no mess, potty trained kids. (we saw amazing wallet sized nappy bins, potties with night lights, gorgeous sleep inducing swaddling and the like that were just the ticket), we wanted to figure out what’s really missing from their shopping experience.

So what did we find out? We personally spoke to 100 mums and dads with a survey that asked them just that. What do you want? Here’s the top 5 things we found out:

1. 100% wanted an easy way to discover new products via other parents
2. 91% wanted to find other people that liked the same stuff they did
3. 100% wanted a way to ask for a discount (20% discount was the sweet spot that would make them happy).
4. Sharing advice/tips were their second most important need.
5. Sharing links to better prices was their absolute top need.

So watch this space as the countdown begins to the Cahootsy launch! Can’t wait to reveal what we hope gives parents exactly what they want.

What do you think of these results? Do you feel anything is missing? Please leave your comments below or message us privately at theteam@cahootsy.com

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