Wedding Survival Kit for New Mums

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You’ve had your gorgeous baby and are just about coping with the nappy changes, feed and sleep schedules and then The Wedding Invitation arrives at your door.  It’s the must attend wedding of the year (or one of many this year) but how will you manage with your newborn baby? Fear not, we have compiled the ultimate Wedding Survival Kit for New Mums so you get to be part of the action too.

Weddings tend to be long socially packed days and there can be a lot to think about and plan for as a new mum. There is always the possibility that you wind up an hour away from your hotel, with sick all over your dress, one nappy left and a cute but screaming baby that is tired and was ready for bed way before dinner is over. Rest assured we’ve been there too and having consulted plenty of new mums about their most recommended tips here’s the best of the bunch.

Spare baby grows: Chances are, wedding days will be THE day that baby blows out the nappy. We recommend taking two spare baby grows just in case, one short sleeve in case the weather decides to crank up the heat. We love this summery 5 pack from John Lewis that should go with any outfit.  Remember to pack a spare outfit too, you never know what might happen.

Muslin Squares: These are key if your dress will survive the day. We recommend you pack 3 – one that will inevitably be dressed in vomit, one spare for you and one for all the cooing friends who want to hold your baby at the worst burping moment. Look stylish with these muslins from Aden and Anais. Good enough for Kate Middleton they’re good enough for you. Better still they can double up as a blanket or mat for your little one to kick around.

Wet wipes: The golden rule for any mum – don’t leave the house without wet wipes. In fact you simply can’t clean up anything on the go without these whether it’s a snotty nose, sick or sweat from mummy’s brow. I still go to work with a pack for emergencies! These two items are staple for the survival kit and we recommend at least a pack of 100 wet wipes.

Nappies: Pack more than you need and then some. Babies generally tend to poo more when they are out of their usual environment/schedule and weddings can be exciting occasions. The rule with nappies is you would always rather have more than not enough. Pampers have a good range for nappies and wipes.

Blanket: If you are lucky you might get away with an impromptu nap in your arms or in the carry car seat and for this you will need a nice comfy blanket. Try this gorgeous revers-able cotton Mini Star Baby blanket from The White Company. Remember their favourite cuddly toy for naptime and even a spare. We know from experience that if Dodo the rabbit is left at home or lost en route there will be hours of screaming.

Breast pads: Nobody enjoys the thought of a leak mid conversation with the father of the bride… It is definitely up there with one of those mortifying moments in life. Be sure to pack spare breast pads to avoid any embarrassing moments, we recommend Lansinoh, and have a look at these ideas for what to wear so you look yummy-mummy gorgeous.

Entertainment: With weddings being a full day event you’ll need to put your baby down at some point to stretch their little legs or even for some alone mum and baby time. A great thing to pack is a mini baby activity mat. This one from Kiddicare is great as if you’re travelling light just detach the mat and roll it up to carry with you. This is a great moment to pass baby to their uncle or aunt FYI ;-)

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Tarika Marshall – Co-founder

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