Last minute Christmas Shopping guide

The Ultimate Last Minute Christmas Shopping guide

I wish I was that mum that had her Christmas shopping done two months ago, wrapped and sparkling under the tree. (Note to self, add to my New Year’s Resolution list)

Heading to the shops with kids on a normal weekend can be pretty stressful. See my earlier post with tips on how to tackle that one. Christmas Shopping with kids takes it to a whole new level. Battling through the queues and trying not to lose your little ones is one thing. Trying to focus on what you’re chucking in the basket for your nearest and dearest. That’s quite a feat.

So, if you’ve got last minute Christmas Shopping to be done, head on over to Cahootsy. where parents have been sharing their Christmas Gift Lists with the community and picking out their favourite finds to inspire others. We’ve pooled together top recommendations into the ultimate Christmas Gift List, packed with ideas on top toys for kids, best gifts for babies and even some yummy gifts for mums and mums to be.


I’ve signed up, now how does it work?


1. Discover Gifts

From your Home Feed, select ‘Our Family Xmas Gift Collection’. Browse and pick things you want by using ‘Love it’ (they’ll be added to your own board)


2. Add Gifts

Look for ‘add to Cahootsy’ button on the top of the screen and add an item by simply typing in the name; or paste the website link or attach a photo.


3. Create your personal Gift List

From your dashboard (click your photo to get there), you can organize everything you love or add into your own collections.

Use the drop down button on the pin and pick the collection you want to make.


Add to collection

Once you’ve collected all your favourite things, just click into it and use the ‘create gift list’ button to convert it into your own Gift List.


You can create a Gift List for any time of year, not just for Christmas.

That’s it. Now get sharing with friends and family. Invite them to claim things for you. No more last minute unwanted presents!


Happy Christmas Everyone!



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