Top wedding trends for guests

Top wedding trends for wedding guests

Wedding season is upon us and can strike fear in the heart of even the most organised person. What to wear? What gift to buy? Is there a theme? It costs on average £700 to attend a wedding including the hen or stag, new outfits, the gift, staying at the venue and the drinks bill (depending on how many glasses of Prosecco you can put away, of course!) In fact it’s become such a burden to many people that the Clydesdale Bank have even come up with some money saving tips of their own So take the stress out of attending the ‘big day’ by following the top wedding trends for wedding guests this summer.


Rustic themed wedding

Rustic or Bohemian weddings are all the rage this year so if that’s where you’re heading then be aware it’s likely to be a more relaxed informal affair. Tailor your gift and look to suit their theme. Think bunting, festival tents and floaty maxi dresses!

rustic wedding theme

This theme will almost certainly pay tribute to the great outdoors either through an outdoor venue or by using natural or nature-inspired elements. As the most on-trend theme this year especially with celebrities, check out Kelly Clarkson’s nuptials with natural flowers and barn flowers that perfectly encapsulate the theme.

Kelly Clarkson Rustic wedding theme
Source: Erin Lindsay Designs

Flower crowns are a must-have for brides this season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace it as a guest too. If you can carry off a fascinator, you can wear a floral headpiece. Check out this fab one from ASOS that’s just understated enough.

When it comes to gifting, this is the ideal theme to add a personal touch by making it yourself. Embrace the latest craze of modern calligraphy and try your hand at……well, handwriting! Get some inspiration from these gorgeous idea boards on Pinterest and get yourself a beginner Calligraphy kit to kickstart that creativity.

Wedding Trends Rustic

Beach Inspired Wedding

Getting married in a tropical paradise is something most of us can only dream of so you’re in luck if one of those invites lands on your doorstep.

Beach themed wedding

Alternatively you might be heading to a more local poolside venue designed with a beach inspired design.

Make a real ‘splash’ at this wedding and give the bride and groom something that they will ‘treasure’ by making a seashell art piece. This idea board from Pinterest shows some beautiful keepsakes that are really simple to make.


DIY Shell Gift ideas

There’s no running to the seaside for a quick shell haul either when this handy set already contains a shell collection for you. Don’t forget to invest in a great glue gun too, so those shells hang on like a barnacle to a boat’s bottom!


Modern Minimalist Wedding

Who better to reference for a classic minimalist wedding than one of the most influential women in the world of fashion, Kate Middleton. Her bridesmaids dresses in the figure hugging white satin, epitomise the more modern theme (though not everyone is blessed with a Pippa Middleton bottom).

Kate Middleton Classic Modern Wedding theme

A modern wedding is described as ‘less is more’ with simple lines and no fuss accessories. So bear this in mind as a guest too and make sure your look is one the bride will appreciate. Don’t be afraid to wear black either, it’s an upcoming trend and according to etiquette expert Diane Gottsman  the thing to do is “consider pairing your dress with a long gold chain, or strands of coloured gemstones.’

The perfect gift for the modern couple is definitely one without any bells and whistles, which is why a framed paper cutting is perfect. You can download really simple templates like these lovebirds and,  with the right paper kit, cutting equipment and cutting mat, create a fantastic gift for the newlyweds.

Paper cutting frame for wedding gift

If you’re a guest with a bump check out our Top 5 Maternity Wedding season feature for some great dress ideas.

So now you have the lowdown on the top wedding trends for wedding guests you are all set for a happy wedding season whatever the theme. If you’ve been to one already share your tips in the comments below.

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