Faking it this summer

Top Tips to faking it this summer

As the British Summer season is not likely to produce days of endless sunshine, and the majority of us don’t have a pool we can relax in to take away the stresses of the day, here are some top tips on how to fake it this summer. Trust us, no-one will ever know!


Fake the Suntan

Now we all know when someone’s been on a fantastic holiday, one thing that’s a total giveaway…the sun-kissed tan. There’s no hiding it (not that they would want to) but the golden glow of some Mediterranean sunshine is unmistakable. So what can you do if you’re too busy to leave the city, not got enough holiday to escape or simply can’t afford a holiday in the sun? Simple, fake it.

Fake it this summer

Thanks to Lauren Loves for some top advice on mastering tanning application. Her top tips are make sure you prep – exfoliate and moisturise and then remember to maintain it or it’ll go patchy:

‘Apply a thick moisturiser to the following places, these are… feet, knee fronts and backs, armpits extending onto the chest, elbows front and back, hands (palms, backs and a bit on the inner wrist). If you want a lighter tan you can apply moisturiser all over.’

If you need a guide to non orange products then The Body Shop have a fab natural tanning range in matte – Honey Bronze drops of sun – or, if you’re new to tanning try the He-Shi range.

Fake the Beach Body

Magazines are filled with endless pics of celebs and their toned summer beach bodies. So what do those of us do who can’t get to a gym 5 days a week do? Fake it. There are a couple of great tricks you can use:

A tankini – this fashionable control bandeau swimsuit and everyone will be envious of your amazing waistline, plus you won’t have had to sweat once.

Wedges – these give you the right posture by push your tummy in and straightening out your back. The professionals swear by it!



Fake the barely there look

This season all the big brands are going fruity, so we have put together a selection of the best bits of make up so you can impress everyone with your knowledge, without any effort.

Fruity brands for summer

Mastering the barely there look is key. Beauty blogger Sally from the Make Up Directory has road tested the Clinique peach pop so has some great tips on getting the ‘barely there’ look. She says:

 ‘I love taking this away for travel as it’s just so nifty and small, but yet it’s packed with product. It’s one of the more pigmented blushers on this list, but the peachy hue is still perfect as a barely there blush.’

Combine the Clinique cheek pop in peach with Elizabeth Arden’s melon ultra lipstick  for an impressive summer look. You can even smell fruity too with this delicious Diptyque geranium roll on perfume

Fake the tropical paradise

Okay so you’re not going to be sipping pina coladas or coconut water under the swaying palm trees. That’s no reason you can’t create some fabulous cocktails at home.

fake it summer

We have found a delicious recipe for a tropical summer slushy, it’s alcohol free so perfect for the kids too and a pineapple sunset (don’t worry there’s Vodka in this one) to give any party that real poolside feel.

To create the ambience get yourself an electric 3-in-1 patio heater for those warm rays, chill out in the ultimate hammock


download Radio 1’s summer playlist to get your party going and team it with the must-have gadget of the summer, the Sonos? This Play1-white is perfect for any room and once set up you can control the sound in every room with a flick of your smartphone button. The smallest speakers and the most amazing quality sound!

Sonos for summer

So though Britain can experience all four seasons in one day, there’s no need to feel glum if you’re not escaping this year. You can have your very own summer in your back garden, just fake it!

Got any tricks to share then let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Lovely round up of all things summer. We’ve been blessed with a couple of nice days, but you are right it won’t last. This is Britain all right! Thanks for joining in my linkie – hope to see you again this week.

    Sally @ Life Loving

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