Stress free travel with kids

Top Tips for stress free travel with kids this half term

Blizzards, torrential rain and annoying drizzle. That’s how the run up to half term is looking. If you’ve started planning your Half Term holidays then you might be wisely considering escaping to the slopes or to find some sun. If it’s the stress of travelling with kids that’s putting you off then worry no longer.

After struggling through several 4 hour flights and the odd 8 hour long haul, here are the best baby and toddler travel recommendations to avoid those familiar airport or car seat tantrums. Happy holidays!

Baby and Toddler travel carriers:

Minimise tantrums when walking across airports and queuing with a travel carrier. One of the all time favourites and super easy to put together is the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier -helps avoid handling prams across airports or busy streets.  For toddlers try out the Trunki series, a genius range of inventions, pull along carry cases for the cranky toddler  to perch on and be pulled along when they are bored and fed up; Neck pillows for long hauls or reined backpacks to keep track of the active.

Travel Neck rest for toddlers
Trunki travel pillow


Baby and Toddler travel toys:

Who doesn’t love unwrapping presents? This is a guaranteed top tip to occupy your baby or toddler on long journeys. Head to your local pound shop or charity shop and stock up on cheap nik naks – mirrors, pots of slime, rolls of stickers and bags of coins. Wrap them in tissue paper or newspaper and buy yourself more time on the journey. Remember, save some for that journey home!

Baby and Toddler travel entertainment:

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with some good old fashioned TV to avoid kids going stir crazy on a plane. Good for you, good for fellow passengers. There are plenty of tablets on the market to suit all budgets from the M&S Activity Tablet to Apple’s iPad. Pre-load toddler safe movies – Toy Story, The Lion King, Madagascar, TV shows – Peppa Pig (of course) and some entertaining educational apps – Tozzle and the Cbeebies Playtime App.

Baby and Toddler travel soothers:

Our little ones have favourite cuddly toys that are a must-pack for the journey. Great to calm them down if they are scared on take off or can’t sleep in the car.  We recommend buying a spare comforter for these journeys and leaving the original at home. It’s also worth getting a comfy blanket to soothe them like this comforter blankie, soft, light and breathable.

Kimbo comforter for travelling

Travel bag:

Always be prepared! It’s best to over-pack nappy and formula supplies for the journey with your baby or toddler so you are not caught short. If you breastfeed or use formula expect them to feed more than usual – as they will need hydration – and pack plenty of nappies. The Pacapod is a spacious travel bag option for baby and toddler feeds, changing items, separate detachable compartments and insulated pockets. It’s worth checking in advance if your destination stocks nappies and formulas you can use. No need to fill your bags unnecessarily unless there are specific allergies to cater for.

Travel pacifier:

If you are flying then pacifiers are handy to give your children during take off and landing as they help ears pop and relieve air pressure. If this doesn’t work give them a bottle/sippy cup or lollipop as the sucking action will help ease discomfort. We recommend you wake up your baby and toddler just before the descent so they don’t wake up scared due to the pressure in their ears. Try this smart travel pacifier from Milton that sterilises on the go.

Boss branded pacifier for travelling
Boss Travel pacifier

Travel buggy:

For any holiday you might want to take along a light foldable travel pram to avoid being stuck manoeuvring your state of the art buggy through fields or across the beach or even worse getting it damaged in the hold. A favourite travel buggy with parents is the McClaren Globetrotter weighing in at just 4.6kg or this Mamas and Papas Sola City with sleepshade.

Mamas and Papas travel buggy with sleep shade
Mamas and Papas Travel buggy with Traffic Jam sleep shade


Thanks for the great cover photo Ma1974.

Do you have any gems of your own to make travelling with kids easier? Tell us below in the comments or come find us on Facebook or Twitter.



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