Top Finds at the BBC Good Food Show

Prepared for Christmas? Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets|BBC Good Food Show

Food glorious food and drool-worthy gadgets greeted us at at the Winter themed BBC Good Food Show in London. Our mission? To find the top time saving kitchen gadgets to recommend to our growing community of Foodies. There was stiff competition and a lot of distractions (nibbles) but we made it around the show and whittled down our kitchen shortlist to gear you up for the family descending at Christmas.

Editor note: This is not a sponsored post. Each product has been handpicked by our Foodies team

The Saladmaster – easy on the washing up and no excess fat

Dedicated to those that have a passion for perfectly cooked vegetables, food cooked in the Saladmaster retains 93% of it’s nutrients – that’s twice the nutrients than traditional cookware! (Wisconsin University study). We love the cool tech involved including the Vapo-Valve™ cover (vapour seal so no need for added water or excess fat) and Versa-Loc™ handle (enables oven, broiler and range top cooking). Super healthy, time saving and washing up saving ticks our boxes!

The saladmaster BBC Good Food Show

The Rocknife – sharper than steel and stays sharp

We’re steel knife fans but these Rocknife’s ceramic blades were really impressive. Made from hardened Zirconium Oxide (Ceramic). they are sharper than steel they maintain they remain sharp for years to come. For any geeks here’s the science – using state of the art manufacturing processes that include the pressing and hardening of Ceramic to 400 tons per inch, it has led to a material that reaches 6 or higher on the Mohs Scale. It is not Diamond, but Ceramic is much closer than Steel.

Top kitchen finds BBC Good Food Show: The Rocknife

The Lakeland Spiraliser – for fussy veggie eaters 

If you haven’t spent hours drooling the aisles of Lakeland you’ve been missing out. A firm favourite with Foodies for all manner of Cooking gear we had to visit their stand to see what new treats were in store. Our pick of the bunch is the spiraliser. Lakeland say they sell one every two minutes this year and when it transforms a boring five a day into spaghetti twirls who can resist?!

Lakeland Spiraliser BBC Good Food SHow

 The Kahvi – for fresh tea and coffee on the go

The Kahvi is a travel mug with its very own built-in cafetiere. What we love is it works for loose tea or fresh coffee on the move, without the annoyance of using a normal cafetiere and transferring it to a mug.
The Kahvi BBC Good Food Show

Glide-x – for non stick baking

Sweet music to all bakers – scratch resistant, flake-resistant and virtually in-destructible. We love these baking dishes for their total non-stickness and the huge range of sizes, all protected by its unique roller-coating technology. Another great washing up saver!

BBC Good Food show non stick baking glide-x

The original pizza maker – for homemade takeaways

If your bank balance has taken a hit after Christmas shopping, chances are your takeaway days are over till January. Enter the ultimate home accessory all the way from Australia. We love that it has stone base and deep dish options to keep everyone happy and delivers an Italian Style pizza in 3-4 minutes! It also does chicken, fish, veggies, pancakes and muffins. We’re in love.

BBC Good Food Show The Original Pizza Maker
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