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Top Secret: Best Baking Tips!

The Great British Bake off has once again succeeded in creating a baking frenzy – It’s now the most watched UK show since 2012! Whether you dream of baking a lifelike multi-coloured sponge peacock (Candice style) or just happy to produce that once-a-year kid’s birthday cake; we’ve picked out our favourite experts to share their top secret best baking tips!

Baking Tip #1 DIY allergy-free ingredients

Fed up of researching where to buy allergy-free ingredients? Don’t worry here’s how to make them yourself. Super simple.

allergy free baking ingredients
Source: Beard and Bonnet

DIY Gluten free flour – “Just pour oats into a mixer and blend until the consistency is fine and is smooth like flour.” Thanks to @BeardandBonnet for the easy recipe here.

DIY Vegan – Jamie Oliver’s secret? “Instead of Dairy you can try substituting butter with olive oil or coconut oil.” and can’t do eggs? Then try seeds!  “My latest discovery is chia seeds, which actually create an egg white-like consistency when they are combined with a liquid. However, they do however absorb moisture during cooking so you may need to increase the liquid in a recipe to compensate for this.”. We love his vegan free cookies here


Baking Tip #2 A hidden surprise

Heston Blumenthal is well known for delighting people with his scientific approach to cooking. His advice is to mix in an element of surprise. Nothing does it better than hiding popping candy in a gateau!

Popping Candy cake
Source: Heston Blumenthal



“Don’t tell your guests about the popping candy in this simple chocolate ganache gateau. Instead, sit back and watch the surprise on their faces as the base starts exploding in their mouths.”  Here’s how to make it.

From checkerboards, to lace and butterflies, there are tons of great ways to delight your guests. Check out some more surprising ideas here.


Baking Tip #3: The perfect icing

The much loved Mary Berry didn’t get to be a perfect icer without a few mishaps. The Great British Bake off judge admits –  I’ve had more baking disasters than hot dinners!.

Her best tip? “To create a thick and uninterrupted layer of icing, brush the cake with a jam coating first. This seals the cake and acts as a base for icing to be added, meaning a constant top level that doesn’t have bits of cake or crumbs lurking within.”

Perfect Icing a cake
Source: Mary Berry

Check out Mary’s fab Victoria Sponge Recipe here and get yourself a good icing set and fun cutters.


Baking Tip #4 Keeping it moist

There’s nothing more annoying than doing all the cake prep and then finding your masterpiece is completely dry .

Natalie from Sweetness and Bite shares some great (and humorous) tips on avoiding this disaster “If you’re baking a dense cake, like a mud cake or a fruit cake, and it needs a long slow baking time, then using baking strips will protect the outside of the cake and slow down the browning of the crust so it doesn’t dry out before the centre of the cake is done. “

Essentials to avoid dryness include a good oven thermometer, cake tin and cake storage.


Baking Tip #5 Slice like a pro

So the cake is perfect, looks and tastes amazing and then it crumbles in front of your eyes. Don’t let anyone near it without reading Baking Mad’s tips on the perfect cake slices and a great selection of cake recipes. They recommend a sharp hot knife so the cake won’t clump up.

Slicing a cake

Get your presentation right with a decent cake knife  and fabulous cake stand.


Happy Baking! Got some secret Best baking tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below.

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