Top 3 Bedtime Stories of all time

Top 3 best bedtime stories of all time

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”

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Bedtime is one our favourite times of the day. Not just because there’s a glass of wine waiting after it (ahem) but because it’s that totally perfect moment after bath time where your children are calm and cuddly. Bedtime stories are also a great time for parents to throw away any inhibitions and jump into character – we’ve taken on dragons, The Gruffalo, Mr Men and princesses all in a single sitting.

Here are some of our favourite authors – featured in our Top 3 Bedtime stories of all time – that will make sure you are not left reading bedtime stories to yourself while they wander off.

Peepo – Jane and Allan Ahlberg: This book is truly one of the greats. You can start reading Peepo to your baby and they will stay enthralled till around two. It’s the wonderful story of a day in the life of a baby with a peek-a-boo type peephole to look into the next day. The pictures are old fashioned but beautiful and a nice reality check into what really matters to your baby, when you’re trying to juggle the mess and chaos – his teddy and his ball.

Fun fact: Allen Ahleberg was a teacher, postman, plumber’s mate and grave digger!

Dogger – Shirley Hughes: Dogger is the tale of poor Dave who loses his favourite toy Dogger. The miserable Dave finds Dogger at the local fair but another child beats him to the punch and purchases Dogger before he gets the money himself. Most people can relate to having a favourite cuddly toy as a child and this story brings those feelings back to life. Dogger is illustrated beautifully by Shirley Hughes and the lovely tale of kindness and selflessness makes this one of the country’s most loved bedtime stories of all time.

Dogger was voted the public’s favourite Greenaway winner of all time in 2007.

The Cat in the Hat – Dr. Seuss: This has got to be one of the best books ever written. I loved it as a child and I love reading it to my two kids now. Full of simple vocabulary and great rhythm they love to join in the words. The story of Dick and Sally who get themselves into quite a pickle when a strange cat shows up and wreaks havoc around their home. Their day goes from dull to dramatic instantly with an exciting adventure. Luckily for the little ones, the cat can clean up just as quickly as he can make a mess and this book is all about having fun and make believe and mischief on a rainy day.

Fun fact: ‘Cat in the Hat’ is 1,702 words long, but only uses only two hundred and twenty different words.

Thanks to Nerissa’s Ring on Flickr for the gorgeous photo.

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What bedtime stories have you been reading to your children? We’d love to get a few more on this list of greats. Tell us below.

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