Top 10 Tips to beat Winter Blues

Top 10 tips to mood-bust those Winter blues

It’s cold and miserable and easy to want a duvet day every day! We’ve put together our 10 top mood-busters to keep those blues at bay and bring a spring back into your step.

#1 Recycle your summer wardrobe

If last year’s summer outfit only managed a few outings turn your outerwear into innerwear. Pop a long sleeved jumper or low necked cardigan under your summer dress and you’ve got a whole new look for the winter. Complete the look with tights and ankle length boots.

#2 Don’t leave the house in black

So black is the new black this season, and it’s all about embracing your inner gothic, but there’s no need to go severe. Glitzy and sumptous is where it’s at so make sure you lift your mood with that perfect little black dress. If you have to wear black without the glitz then team it up with some warm uplifting colours.

Warehouse Scatter Season dress, £29.50 was £85

Warehouse sequin scatter dress


#3 Seek out the light

Grab some rays of sunshine with a last minute sunshine escape. Try the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Crete or Malta for guaranteed sunshine this winter.

If you’ve blown your budget over Christmas then try changing the light bulbs in your house to ‘full spectrum’ bulbs. They give the illusion of natural light and have the same affect on your mind as the real outdoors. Even just sitting next to an artificial light for 30 minutes a day can be effective. Also open blinds and curtains, trim back tree branches, and sit closer to the window to get an extra dose of sunshine.

#4 Try some laughter therapy

Book a night out to enjoy some stand up comedy or invite friends around for a DVD-fest all your favourite comedians. There’s nothing like laughing out loud to boost your endorphins – essential feel-good brain chemicals!

Our favourites include The Comedy Store, London.

#5 Eat smarter

Either head to your local health food store to stock up on superfoods like Baobab, or lift your mood with that age all remedy chocolate, which is even proven to relieve anxiety.

Avoid foods like candy and carbohydrates as they might give you a short term boost but can increase feelings of lowness.

Best health has a great guide to the top Superfoods here.

#6 Splash of colour

There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to make you feel happy. Surrounding yourself with warm colours will lift your mood, whether it’s dressing up what you wear or changing the colour of your walls. Warm  colours in the red area of the colour spectrum evoke emotions of warmth and comfort. Avoid blues, purples and greens as while they are calm they can also create feelings of sadness and indifference.

Wall paint

If you’re on a budget then head down to your local B&Q and splash out (no pun intended) on some vibrant colours. Then throw a paint party for your friends – with pizza and beer in return for a fun filled painting weekend that they couldn’t refuse!

#7. Spruce it up

Spruce up tired furniture with Annie Sloane’s chalk paint range. It can completely transform a room on a budget and comes in a huge variety of colours.

If you’re not the DIY type and want to cheat, House of Fraser have a range of furniture in distressed shabby chic reduced by nearly half price.

White shabby chic Dayton chairs  now £299, reduced from £439

House of Fraser shabby chic dayton dining chairs

#8. Get outdoors

According to mental health charity Mind “We know that eating a balanced diet, cutting down on caffeine and getting some exercise can help, as can spending as much time as possible outdoors because – even when it’s overcast – light will be higher than indoors.”

Sad affects about two million people in the UK, and more than 12 million people across northern Europe. read more

So wrap up and invest in a pair of funky wellies and take a day trip into the countryside. You can always stop off at the local pub for a well earned break.

If you’re feeling brave just 60 minutes of fast walking three times a week can be an amazing mood lifter. So make that walk to work count!

#9. Snuggle down

If the weather is really getting you down, there’s really nothing better than wrapping up. If you aren’t the proud owner of a onesie then a throw is your next best thing. On trend this season are chunky knits in mocha, greys and reds. We love the White Company’s range.

The White Company Chesterton Knit throw from £45

White Company Chesterton collection knit throw

John Lewis also stocks soft cable-knit, chunky knit or ribbed wool/angora cushions in dove greys, creams, mochas and reds (from £25).

#10. Find your soul mate … in shopping

If you’ve been online dating you’ll know how this works. You add your profile and a bit about yourself and the site matches you to your dream other half.

That’s what Cahootsy is to shopping! We match you to your shopping soul mates (those with similar fabulous taste), follow them to find out what they love; share tips and advice on what you’ve bought; and when you’re ready add something to the site you want and team up for a group discount. Sign up is free.


Stay happy! If you’ve got any tips you’d like to share add them in the comments below.













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