10 things you should know

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Team Cahootsy

We are a pretty open bunch of folks behind the Cahootsy dream and below we compiled a list of things we think you should know about us. From glimmers of early entrepreneurial spirit to nightmare toilet experiences, collectively we have already had quite an adventure with lots more to come!

1. One of us set up their first business when they were 11:  daily book subscriptions (of their books) to neighbourhood kids. An early Amazon some might say…

2. If you’re drowning – only in deep sea – we can rescue you as we’re certified PADI rescue divers.

3. This is the worst thing we’ve ever done (wellies and a spade, in the night!)


4. If you want to impress us bring cheese to the office. The smellier the better.

5. Between us we’ve lived in London, Manchester, Mumbai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Sydney, Beijing, Dali, Hanoi, San Jose and Guatemala (months in some, years in others).

6. Our CEO can name any film he’s seen within a 1 second scene. Our COO can’t remember a single film she’s seen.

7.  We enjoy shopping but we absolutely LOVE bargain hunting. No shame in admitting it.

8. This is the best thing we’ve bought so far shopping as parents: The Gro-clock (considerably improves chances of sleep past dawn…)


9. Having Kids is the most amazing thing we’ve ever done. Spiderman, aged 3 (below) is a killer negotiator: “Mum, if you read me a story, I’ll let you wipe my bottom.” 


10. One of us would challenge anybody to beat them at a game of Super Mario Karts.


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