Top 10 Most Useful Baby Products

Top 10 Most Useful Baby Products in 2016

If you’re a new parent sleep training, teething, hygiene, baby safety, potty training will be the latest buzz words in your vocabulary! Picking the right product can be overwhelming so we’re here to help. Here’s your go to guide to the Top 10 most useful baby products in 2016.

Editor note: These are all handpicked parenting tips and not sponsored!

#1 Sleep on the Go – The Snoozeshade

This is a one of a kind great invention to help babies sleep when out and about!  As Al Ferguson from @thedadnetworkuk explains “this product is a necessity for all people who are hoping to leave the house with a baby at some point!”. Best features –  keeps the light out, breathable, anti-disturbance, flexible and foldable. You can even peek in through the secret zipper to check on your baby when they’re at that ‘nearly dozing’ stage.


Top 10 Baby Product - Snoozeshade


#2 Teething Relief – Ashton & Parson

Most mums swear by this product, it proves an instant relief for crying babies suffering from painful teething problems and it’s totally natural. This is a great product to soothe and calm upset tummies caused by teething.

Top 10 Baby Product - Ashton & Parsons Teething

Luschka from Playpennies swears by it “my little girl has been using it since someone told me about this ‘baby cocaine’ as it’s fondly known and I swear by it – whether you believe in natural remedies or not!”


#3 Eradicate Smelly Bottles – The Milk Buster

We’ve all been there. Hours soaking baby’s milk bottles in washing up liquid or double rinses in the dishwasher. There’s nothing more yucky than that cloudy milk bottle and the smell it emits. We love that this brother decided to do something about it and invent the Milk Buster! It actually detaches milk fat and protein from plastic (unlike washing up liquid that targets food grease).

Top 10 Baby Product - Milk Buster

Von shares “My sister wasn’t very pleased with her baby bottles becoming cloudy and smelling of spoilt milk, and to my surprise, she wasn’t alone. So we came up with Nimble Babies Milk Buster to give mums that extra reassurance that their baby’s bottles are clear, odour-free, and free from bacteria-causing old milk residues” more details on how it works here


#4 Easier Weaning – Béaba Babycook Duo

Weaning time is frustrating. Mushing, sieving, squeezing can be a right pain not to mention eating into valuable downtime. Mummy blogger Michelle from What Mummy Thinks recommends “For ease of use as well as variety of use, I would rate this as being one of my top parenting must have items”.

Top 10 Baby Products - Beba


#5 Monitoring Sleep – Angelcare AC1100 Monitor

When your little one is asleep, it’s hard to relax without worrying about them so this is great for letting you stay put unless you’re really needed.

Top 10 Baby Products - Angelcare Baby Monitor

As explains Made for Mums “What impresses me most, though, is the quality of the sound and picture functions. The camera is so good I find myself watching, fascinated, as Poppy shuffles around the cot rather than going to sort her out!”


#6 Banish Night Terrors – Lully Sleep Guardian

Most kids experience night terrors but grow out of them. If your little one is still facing them then this little device, proven by Stanford University to stop 8 out of 10 night terrors, “automatically vibrates to prevent night terrors before they start.” as tried and tested by Meg from parenting survival guide Lucie’s List.  Currently available in the US and Canada.

Top 10 Baby Products - Night Terrors Guardian


#7 All around Best play thing – Sophie the Giraffe

Possibly the most famous name in baby land! No one knows why this plastic giraffe has made it to the top of all Baby’s lists but it is a firm favourite – teething, chewing, playing, bouncing it does it all. It is also the ultimate teething chewy toy. It’s one of the most recommended toys in the Cahootsy parenting community and here’s a little back history about how this 1961 toy came to be.


#8 Daily entertainment – Baby Bjorn Bouncer 

This is the no-nonsense, non complicated, says what it does on the tin, baby chair. MadeForMums says“The fact that this seat can be used from birth right up until your baby is 2 makes this a durable piece of equipment” Because it doesn’t come with all of the distractions like music and toys it’s versatile for sleeping or playing through the day and grows along with your baby.

Top 10 Baby Products - Baby Bjorn Bouncer

#9 Potty Training - Charlie Banana Organic Training Pants

If you’re always caught out by your toddler or child by accidents time for a stylish pair of pants that are also totally practical.

Top 10 Baby Products - Charlie Pants

One of our favourite Mummy Bloggers, Jane from HodgePodge Days has tested them out with her own kids and says “they’re ideal for little ones learning to swim and would’ve saved us the faff with those horrible disposable nappies”. She also uses them as daytime training pants. We love that they’re reusable which makes it great for the environment and our pockets!


#10 Easy Night Feeds – Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

With all the gadgets and gizmos out there why are we still getting up in the middle of the night to heat up baby bottles. This discovery makes the last but by no means least #10 in our Most useful Baby Products. Finally a bottle warmer that acts fast, gives better results, and even prevents damage to the antibodies in breast milk. It can also be used to warm baby food containers making it a very handy investment.

Top 10 Baby Products - Night Feeding


Guide to Parenting FollowMum rates this for efficiency and reliability and explains “The device uses flowing warm water to gently heat milk and food instead of boiling or steaming. Unlike other conventional devices, the circulation water helps speed warming, so it works as fast as other common warmers but it gives a better result”.

Do any of these make your Top 10 most useful baby Products? Share your thoughts in the Comments below. Check out our previous post for Top safety products.

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