Toddler party on a budget

How to Organise a Toddler Birthday Party on a Budget

We had our little girl’s birthday party this summer and with two kids under 5 we’re feeling like seasoned veteran party planners. Organising a toddler’s party can feel a bit like wedding planning all over unless you reign it in.  You always want the best for your kids but if you’ve got a limited budget it’s time to get creative.

We’re sharing our best tips and tricks to keep your bank balance and stress levels in check. Follow our easy guide on how to organise a toddler birthday party on a budget.

Toddler party on a budget

Hire a Church or School Hall: If you don’t have the space at home (aka don’t want to deal with the aftermath), check out your local halls as they’re often cheap, large  and well maintained. It gives you all the space you need for 20 to 30 toddlers tearing around the place. They also have minimal things to break and it is easy to keep track of all the children in one space – you can even post an adult at the door to ensure you don’t have any escapees.

Balloons and Bunting: These two items are the cheapest and easiest way to decorate the hall and they are the easiest to tidy up at the end. You can pick from a gorgeous range here all between £3-£7. Don’t waste time making the bunting yourself because a) the children will not know the difference and b) it takes far too long.

Toddler party on a budget
Party Games: Pass the Parcel

Toddler Party Games: With so many toddlers running havoc it’s always good to add a little structure to the party. Don’t go overboard and it’s likely not all of them will join in. Here are our favourite suggestions:

  • Pass the Parcel: You need an adult with a good memory to be in charge of the music on/off button here so that each child gets to rip off a layer of the parcel and get a treat. You also need to ensure there are enough layers on the parcel for all the children in attendance. Maybe add a couple of extra layers for that ‘just in case’ moment. You never know who’s little sister/brother will crash the party.
  • Musical Statues: Get the hubbie to sort out a music compilation. Usually some 80’s and 90’s classics will do and don’t forget to add some nursery rhymes as that’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser. When the music stops the first one to move is out (though give them a treat to avoid tears!)
  • Treasure Hunt:  A treasure hunt is perfect for toddlers – the chance to run around and exert all that sugar fuelled energy. We hid large Lego pieces around the room and a treasure chest of sweeties the kids could trade them in for. Worked a treat.
  • Bouncy Castle – if you’d rather not plan games then hiring a local bouncy castle is a good move. It won’t break the bank and keeps the kids entertained for hours.
Toddler party cake
The Birthday Cake!

Toddler Party Food: You don’t have to get your party catered. Making your own food is easy and means you can personalise it to your own taste and even add the odd healthy snack. Here is a checklist of essential food items: ham and cheese sandwiches, pizza, cocktail sausages, crisps, chocolate fingers, sliced apples, carrots, and cucumber fingers, mini cupcakes, ice lollies, party rings and strawberries.

You can get wonderfully creative with the birthday cake or cheat and get one at your supermarket. There’s an amazing range of themed cakes to satisfy the fussiest toddlers.

Summer Party Bags – photo by Julia Staite

Toddler Party Bags: It is a lovely idea to theme your party bags around the the time of year. For example, putting treats into a bucket and spade set for a summer party – check out this beautiful blog piece from mummy Julia Staite – or in an egg around Easter. Remember to wrap up a piece of cake for the little ones to take home and share with the family.

Have you hosted your own Toddler Birthday Party? If you have any budget ideas to share then we’d love to hear them. Just add them in the comments below or share some pics with us on Pinterest or Instagram.


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