Time saving Halloween ideas 2015

Time saving Halloween ideas 2015

We love Halloween. It’s the one night in the year when the whole neighbourhood wants to (or possibly some are forced to) be warm and welcoming.

If you’ve got kids this is a great way to meet your neighbours. The only other way is handing over that wrongly delivered parcel. Yes, here you are knocking on the door and getting a bag of treats in return. (bit confusing for the kids – ‘why are we asking for sweets from strangers mum?’)

It’s also a great excuse for a party. Barbeque weather is over and it’s a long wait till New Year so cheer yourself up with an easy to create Halloween themed party. Here are some time-saving tips to make your Halloween weekend go off with a bang:

 1. Time saving Halloween masks and fancy dress

Halloween fancy dress and Halloween masks


Check out the huge range of easy to throw on Halloween masks to suit the most ghoulish and gory look.  Masks for adults include Mr Evil, Grinning Clowns, Scream and World of Warcraft. See the range here 

If you’re on a budget Tesco’s does a great range of Halloween masks for adults and children from £3.99 ranging from Frankenstein, Batman, Catwoman. See the range here

Halloween fancy dress from ASOS

For great looking outfits check out the new ASOS Halloween selection here.


2. Easy to Freaky Pumpkin designs

We love this blog with the pick of 52 top pumpkin decorating ideas – ranging from the simple to the elaborate!

Halloween Pumpkin with Celtic Design


If it’s simple you’re after then opt for this easy, mess free option below. Give your pumpkins a Happy Halloween message to share, or make your own, while surrounded by a spooky ghost and spread winged black bat. This pumpkin decoration kit is £8.99. Read more

Halloween Pumpkin design idea
3. Half price Halloween party decorations

Save a massive 50% off with last minute Halloween offers.

PartyPiecesHalloween sale

Pick from stylish black Trick or Treat spider fan decorations or pumpkins or bat bunting for your Halloween party venue. Ideal for hanging from the ceiling or creating a backdrop on a wall. Decorate your house with the best selection of Halloween party decorations at over half price here

Halloween party decorations


4. Simple safety guide

Don’t forget to keep safe. Here’s a handy run down of the top tips to follow to make sure your halloween festivities are fun and safe for all of you.

#1 Don’t walk near candles or lights. If you’ve got a child with you be sure to hold their hand as you pass by so it’s easier to keep them away.

#2 Get flame-resistant costumes – a number of leading supermarkets are now supporting the call for higher fire safety standards. Always wear something under your outfit like woollen tights or a woollen jumper and jeans so you have some protection – like a barrier – if it did catch fire.

#3 Test facepaint or make-up on a small area first for an allergic reaction. Remove it before bed to avoid skin or eye irritation. Check it’s FDA approved.

#4 Look both ways before crossing the street and wear something reflective on your clothing.

To mark Children’s Burns Day this month, we’re reflecting on our own experience this year when our daughter got badly burnt. Read more here.

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