Stress free travel with kids

Top Tips for stress free travel with kids this half term

Blizzards, torrential rain and annoying drizzle. That’s how the run up to half term is looking. If you’ve started planning your Half Term holidays then you might be wisely considering escaping to the slopes or to find some sun. If it’s the stress of travelling with kids that’s putting you off then worry no longer. […]

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what to pack in your hospital bag

Hospital Bag essentials: What to pack for you and your baby

For all you mummy’s-to-be. I felt so unprepared during my first hospital visit – packing scented candles and massage oils (for a hospital!) that I was determined I’d be super-mum when it came around to my next time. Needless to say you can never be totally prepared, but having my baby daughter in the water was an amazing experience […]

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Getting Pregnant in your 30s Martine

A Guide to Getting Pregnant in your late 30s – Martine McCutcheon Chic Mama

We were really happy to hear that Martine McCutcheon is expecting at 38. It has inspired this week’s guide to getting pregnant in your late 30s. She is positively glowing with gorgeousness! If you’re expecting, check out her snug but stylish winter look below, we’ve picked out the best the high street has to offer so you can […]

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How to cope with a toddler and a new baby

Coping with a toddler and new baby: Joanna Page Chic Mama

Joanna Page from “Gavin and Stacey” is expecting her second baby and this got us thinking about some of the challenges we faced as parents the second time around. Some things are easier but it can be very challenging balancing a toddler and new baby. Here are some of our top tips for coping in the […]

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Angelina Jolie wedding, Fashion, your child at your wedding

Angelina Jolie: including your child in your wedding

It was lovely news to hear that Brangelina had tied the knot this last month and we loved how she made sure her children played a key role at the wedding. Here are the ways you can follow in Ange’s lead to make sure you’re including your child in your wedding: Dress: Ange let her children doodle, […]

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