Age relevant sports for kids

What are the most suitable sports for kids by age?

Earlier this year Shakira and F.C. Barcelona football player, Pique, surprised us with a video of their son playing tennis: At under 3 years old, Milan was able to return the ball several times with great style but does this mean he will become a professional tennis player? Yo también tengo un video del entrenador y su alumno! A […]

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Stress free travel with kids

Top Tips for stress free travel with kids this half term

Blizzards, torrential rain and annoying drizzle. That’s how the run up to half term is looking. If you’ve started planning your Half Term holidays then you might be wisely considering escaping to the slopes or to find some sun. If it’s the stress of travelling with kids that’s putting you off then worry no longer. […]

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Back to School Boy Essentials

Back to School Boy Essentials: Chic Baba Fashion

Our little boy starts his first day at big school and we’re gearing up for his first term. So, we had to follow last week’s School Edition with our Back to School Boy Essentials. This week we are inspiring your boy’s wardrobe with durable, super crease trousers, multi packs of polo shirts and velcro strapped shoes. Let your little […]

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Prince George, toddler fashion, birthday boy

One year old birthday boy, Prince George: Chic Baba

The little prince recently celebrated his first birthday and what a handsome little boy he is. For this week’s baby fashion post we searched for some lovely little boy outfits for you to dress up your little champ like a prince too. Here are two of our most favourite looks if you’re on the hunt for a one year […]

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Child Safety Week, Essential Baby Products, Essential Toddler Products, Child Safety

Essential Safety Products for Babies and Toddlers.

Child safety week is next week and as a family with two toddlers we’ve had our share of scrapes and bruises in the most unforeseen ways in our house. I remember as a new parent, with a crawling baby, everything in the house seemed like a potential accident waiting to happen. When you’re already sleep deprived you don’t have […]

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