Guide to January sales 2017

Guide to January Sales 2017

If you’re like us once the dust has settled on the Christmas Day festivities you’ll be settling down to some sale shopping. If you’ve splurged your cash on Christmas presents it’s the perfect time to make this all about you. Here’s our guide to January Sales in 2017 so you can get the most from your deal hunting. […]

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Hottest Home Trends 2017

Hottest Home Trends for 2017 |The Ideal Home Show

Whilst the cold grey winter might be getting you down, the good news is in 2017 you can let your imagination go wild! Have fun with splashes of colour, quirky home decor and clever with time and space saving inventions.  Yes the hottest Home Trends for 2017 are pretty fantastic! Here’s a look at the year ahead and […]

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Surviving Christmas

Your guide to surviving Christmas with the family

Christmas is a time to be merry, relaxed, and celebrate with family and friends. There are so many great looking parties and glittering trees splashed in your social media so the pressure is on to make yours just as perfect. The reality, for most, is that crazy end of year frenzy. Juggling finishing work projects, making sure the kids million-and-one- school […]

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Black Friday 2015 and Christmas offers

Best of Black Friday and money saving Christmas offers

… If you’re into deal hunting then Black Friday is your perfect day – except heading out in the rain to battle it out with other shoppers is far from ideal. Worry not we’ve got it sorted so just put your feet up, pour yourself a glass of wine and shop to save on award winning new marketplace Cahootsy. […]

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Launch competition

The ‘Countdown to Launch’ Draw has closed, winner been notified by email

Wow! It’s been an amazing build up in the Cahootsy offices as we approach Beta launch week – coffee on a drip, all-nighters and every type of takeaway you can imagine. We’re lucky to have parents nearby that can jump in on babysitting duties and that our kids love Granny and Grandpa’s toys better than […]

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