Spending Valentines Day at home

Staying in on Valentines Day

As parents we’re used to staying in on special days of the year such as Valentines Day. Getting a babysitter takes organisation, and we always leave it too late, but that’s not going to stop us keeping the romance alive!

If you haven’t got a romantic candlelit meal for two booked somewhere don’t worry. Here are some great ways to re-create it all at home without breaking the bank. Happy Valentines Day 2016. If you have any annual traditions for your special day, let us know in the comments below.

Handmade love

This is a lovely one to do with your kids. Not only do you get to be creative with your little ones, but you can find out who they have a little crush on at school too. An easy one that will look great is to cut a giant heart out of cardboard, paint it red and take pictures of the kids looking through it. Even better you can send this on the whole family as it makes a wonderful keepsake. If you want to get fancier you can try origami love hearts and lolly-stick boards hand painted with a message.

Valentines cards homemade


The way to a woman (or man)’s heart

After a long day resist the urge to flop with a TV dinner. Who says you can’t re-create the romantic restaurant look at your own dinner table. Some candles, a selection of your favourite dishes and good wine is all you need to add some sparkle to the evening. My culinary skills aren’t great but Paul’s a dab hand in the kitchen. A few winners that even I can manage include:

Starter of Baked Camembert ala Jamie Oliver (just add a garlic clove for an extra kick) or Easy Cheese Fondue with a Main of Steak and chips or Lentil Lasagne (v) thanks to @FeedingFinn

Valentines Meal ideas


We love baking with our kids and they love eating icing so a fab recipe to try on Valentines Day is cupid cupcakes – basically cupcake mixture with strawberries and icing. Save some to serve for dessert.

If you need some inspiration to add a touch of romance to the room here


Romantic meal for two at home

1.Emma Bridgewater plate Now £15.95 | 2.Alessi ice cream set Now £29.95 | 3.LSA wine set Now £45 | 4.House cushion Now £15 | 5.M&S Valentine’s tulips Now £30 | 6.House tablecloth Now £20 | 7.Parlane copper garland lights Now £12.99 | 8.Sagaform bowl with ladle Now £24.99


A trip down memory lane

It’s easy to forget where it all began so once in a while dusting off that wedding DVD and snuggling down to watch it is no bad thing. Our video was shot by a friend and is full of fun memories to get you all choked up. It also takes us back to a time pre-kids when we were footloose and fancy free. As this Valentine’s day falls on a weekend I know what I’ll be getting the whole family to do on Sunday!

Happy Valentines!

Tarika and Paul


We’d love to know how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. Any traditions to share? Add them in the comments below.

Cover photo courtesy of ProFlowers

Thanks to eren {sea+prairie} for the Heart Origami  and  Thang Nguyen for the strawberries on a plate.




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