Start up life as an entrepreneur couple

Startup life as a couple

This is our first blog post. Be kind.

You might wonder why anyone would be crazy enough to start up a business with their partner. Insane hours, little down time, high stress levels! Here’s our lowdown on startup life as a couple and entrepreneurs.

It’s actually not a lot different from starting out in parenthood or any co-founder team setting up. There’s no such thing as a 9-5 day, catching up with friends is a distant memory and you laugh in the face of an 8 hour kip.  In fact we’ve been training for this for years.

What might the CV of an entrepreneur couple like ours look like?

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  1. Built trust and respect across an 18 year period (dating). Overcoming competitors. Led and closed deals and maintained great terms across the past 8 years (marriage)
  2. Delivered two high profile projects (kids) within timeframe and to expected spec. Grew 100% potential year on year.
  3. Strong negotiation skills covering retail (shopping), travel (holidays) and entertainment (TV) industries but understand each others weaknesses.
  4. Available to work on the spot day or night.
  5. Team player willing to travel and grow new markets (backpacking across Asia, Americas and Europe).

Are you one half of an entrepreneur couple or a mum/dad team that are making it work? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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