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Sneak peek: How to use the Cahootsy website


We have recently launched our website in private beta and soon it will be live to the public. This is a very exciting time for us and we have had some amazing feedback on the site so thanks to those who are already using it.  Ultimately, we hope that Cahootsy is so easy to use that you won’t have to use this guide, but we also know we have been completely immersed in the website for sometime now, so this may be helpful to those new visitors. Below you will find a guide on how to use Cahootsy. Have fun!

What do I do here? If you haven’t had a chance to look at the website then you may not know what it is for. Basically it is a space where parents can discuss different products available for their children and ask the Cahootsy community –expert mum and dad shoppers – for help.  As parents most of us just don’t have the time to search the web for answers. Simply ask your question about a product, ask to locate a product or ask where you can get a product at a reduced price.

How to get an invite: You can sign up for an invite over at and you will get access within a day or two, depending on capacity. Once you get your invitation you’ll be taken through a short tutorial that sets you up.

My profile: Each user has a profile and you can edit your profile by clicking on the top right hand button.

my profile

In your profile you can upload your profile picture, add a bio and manage your account.

How to ask a question about a product: On the top of the site centre/right you will see a plus icon like this:

add product

 Click on this icon and follow the instructions. You can upload a picture you have found of a product you want , either on your phone or from the web, even if it doesn’t have a link. Or you can enter the URL of the product you need help with and it will automatically bring up the picture for you.

How can I interact with other parents? On your homepage you will see all the posts submitted by other parents. If you hover your mouse over each post, you can easily star their product or question, share it on Facebook or email, or join the conversation. When you join the conversation about a post you can upload a link to help.

Do you have any additional questions about the website? Have you experienced any bugs or do you have some feedback? We would love to hear from you! Write to us using the feedback button on the right hand side of the website or drop us a mail at

Have a great week and happy Cahootin’ !

Tarika and Paul

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