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Essential Safety Products for Babies and Toddlers.

Child safety week is next week and as a family with two toddlers we’ve had our share of scrapes and bruises in the most unforeseen ways in our house. I remember as a new parent, with a crawling baby, everything in the house seemed like a potential accident waiting to happen. When you’re already sleep deprived you don’t have the capacity to second guess everything your baby is going to explore and there’s always room for error.

Our latest accident prone zone is the bathroom.  I’m caught off guard as our toddler decides to leap frog – being a frog  of course :)- out of the bath as I’m trying to get him out. Result: Traumatised mum and bruised sad child. So we’ve put together a list of essential safety products for babies and toddlers that have helped us and friends over the years. Here’s to getting you that step closer to safe guarding your home and peace of mind!

Child Safety Week, Essential Baby Products, Essential Toddler Products, Child Safety

The Child Safety Gate:  If you have stairs in your home fitting a Child Safety Gate is an absolute essential, in case your toddler fancies going for a midnight walk or your crawling baby decides to explore the stairs. The best one we’ve found is Lindam’s easy Fit Child’s Safety Gate, multi-award winning for its design – easy for parents, too tricky for toddlers and it also won’t break the bank.

The Hands Free Safety Towel: Squirming children at bathtime is a common occurence until the arrival of this clever apron-style design of the Cuddledry™ towel. This organic towel lets you have both hands free to lift your baby or toddler from the bath. so you can hold your child close,  totally cocooned and cuddled quickly dry. It’s got an adjustable neck size and one handed release so you can detach the towel from you once your child is laid down. Exclusive to Cahootsy members is a secret 15% discount code. Unlock it here.

The Baby Safety Monitor: Investing in a baby monitor is probably one of the best things you could do as a new parent. You need to be able to unwind or do household chores without being worried about your baby or toddler’s safety in the nursery. There are plenty to choose from but after some mammoth research we settled on the BT range. The latest model is now the BT 250 Digital Audio monitor and equipped with high definition audio allowing you to hear every breathe and gurgle. It has a 300m outdoor range and out of range warning. Also includes a room temperature monitor, crying alert and feed timer. Bonus features include the talk back feature plus 7 lullabies to set from the comfort of your sofa.

The Oven Door Safety Guard: Anyone with a low lying built in oven door knows it’s impossible to keep your baby or toddler from crawling near that door. The Clevermama Oven Door Guard could not be a more welcome product to safe guard those little hands. Simply attach it to the outside of your oven and no more danger of little fingers being burnt.

The Hands Free Baby Carrier - much as you love holding your baby sometimes you just need to be hands free. Our all time favourite child safety product is the Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier. You can safely carry your baby while having your hands free to get on with other tasks. It has been developed with medical experts to ensure adequate head support for newborns and a fold down support for older babies so they can be carried forward facing and see what you’re up to – even the washing up can be fascinating! We went through a few baby carriers and some complicated fixures and fittings before finding this one. Highly recommended.

The All Purpose Baby Wrap Blanket – we discovered the wonderful Snugglebundl baby wrap blanket through a friend and what a great investment for those recovering from C section or post birth difficulties, when you need to reduce strain on the body. Most importantly it lets you move your baby as they sleep easily so you don’t disturb them – out of car seats, prams and pushchairs.  You can also use the Snugglebundl to gently rock your baby in (so wish we’d had this in time for our colicky little one to save rocking a heavy car seat!). Jo Tantum, TV’s Baby Sleep Expert and author of Baby Secrets calls it “a Baby and Mummy must have”. Enough said.

To check out other safety products or ask about any visit and search under ‘safety’ or post your own question to see what other mums and dads recommend. Cahootsy: honest recommendations by parents who know.

If you’d like to make your own suggestions tell us in the comments below or add it as a tip for others on Cahootsy. 



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