Minimalist guide to preparing for a Baby

Preparing for a baby can be a pretty overwhelming experience. What do you really need versus all those pointless gadgets that will very soon accumulate in your attic or garage. Worst still is watching that budget hit sky high.

How do you choose the right bottles, what you need for your hospital bag or how many baby grows to stock up on?

In our guide we cover the key tips to preparing for a Baby without going overboard. Look out for expert tips and budgeting tricks as well as our pick of the best baby offers below.

#1 New Baby: How to Dress

Some sound advice from Kathleen Quiring from parenting blog Becoming Peculiar. She shares a personal note to expectant mums on minimalism. The main take away “You don’t need everything before your baby is born” and this really applies to dressing your newborn.

how to dress your baby

Chances are your visitors will be armed with cute baby clothing to last you the year or at the very least a sibling/friend will pass on vast quantities of clothes to you. So just get these essentials are fine and these are the best money saving finds.

  • Going home outfit – bodysuit, hat, socks
  • Sleepsuits x 3
  • Vests for newborn and 0-3 mths x 3
  • Socks x 3
  • Scratch mittens
  • Cardigans
  • Muslin Squares x 5

For sizing Becky from Rock My Family recommends “you never know how big your baby will be so I think it is safer to go for the majority of clothes in 0-3 to start with”. Read more of her handy tips here.


#2 New Baby: How to Feed

If you’re bottle feeding we love the advice from Dr Sasha Howard at Guilt Free Bottle Feeding with the Top 10 tips for feeding your baby. Everything from watching for baby cues, choosing the right formula, being tuned in and changing those bottles.


It’s worth getting hold of a Colic free baby bottle as anything you can do to avoid the ‘baby won’t burp’ bit the better!

Baby Bottle Starter Kit

Colic free Baby bottles and teats x 2

Ready made formula

Wondering when to wean? Allergy UK recommends preparing for weaning “Once they are able to stay sitting, hold their head steady, and co-ordinate their eyes, hands and mouth, they can be introduced to solid foods


#3 New Baby: How to Clean

Bathing your baby is a lovely fun experience but to avoid getting into a tricky situation it’s worth checking out some official recommendations before you start. The NCT guide has a helpful suggestion if you’re anxious “you don’t need to put them in the bath until you feel confident. Instead you can ‘top and tail’ them, in other words just wash their face and bottom regularly”

Soon you’ll progress from cotton wool and water to nappies. To avoid nappy rash it’s best to go with a well known brand for your newborn like Pampers Nappies – Size 0 or Size 1 and Baby wipes, Nappy cream

For bathing it’s best to choose a non fragrance Baby wash and Baby Washing powder.


#4 New Baby: How to Sleep

One of the most important areas of concern for new parents everywhere is sleep. It will soon border on the obsessive.

Heather from Incredible Infant shares some brilliant insight into getting stuck into a newborn schedule.

  1. Learn what are the typical rhythms of eating and sleeping newborn babies go through.  This helps you know roughly what to expect.
  2. Learn the difference between “napping” and “habituating”
  3. Learn how to adjust a sample newborn schedule to fit your baby’s preferences and needs.

If all else fails there’s always the Baby training classics reads like Baby Sleep Training and Gina Ford.

Sleeping tips for a new baby
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Good luck to all you new mummies and daddies!

Have any minimalist tips of your own, when for preparing for a Baby?  Share them in the comments below.

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