Mother's day gift ideas

The perfect Mothers Day gifts

Mother’s Day is nearly here and I have to say I’m a teeny bit excited. The idea of a whole day off celebrating ‘me’ is not to be taken lightly.

Things I won’t be doing:

Making the bed, making the breakfast/lunch/dinner, getting everyone dressed, cleaning rooms, cleaning up after breakfast/lunch/dinner. Definitely no laundry and maybe I can get away without doing the bedtime routine too…


Things I will (hopefully) be doing:

Here is my perfect Mother’s Day gift list. Getting one or all of these would make my day!

Handmade with love

I got a peek at what my little ones have made for me and I’ll be treasuring it for years to come.  They couldn’t conceal their excitement, so whilst its now hidden away I’ve been shown it a few times already.

Mothers day handmade gift
A handmade gift by the kids


Breakfast in Bed

Much as I love a family meal around the table at the weekend, there’s really nothing much better in life than getting breakfast in bed.

I love the idea of the kids helping make breakfast and creeping up the stairs (noisily) to surprise me.

If my husband’s reading this my perfect meal would be poached eggs with smoked salmon on a muffin. You can find a simple recipe here.

Breakfast in Bed poached eggs with smoken salmon
Morning perfection!


Getting Flowers…not just for the day

Gone is that honeymoon period, when you got a bouquet of flowers for every little occasion. Now flowers are reserved for super sick days, birthdays and of course M-day.

I’ve found a flower shop that puts an end to that. You can get a 3 month subscription for the usual price of a bouquet. They even package it to fit through the letterbox so you no longer need to wait in.  Check out this fab site by Bloom and Wild 

Bloom and Wild flowers mothers day
When one bouquet just isn’t enough!


Getting some very useful gifts

It’s hard to choose between these two perfect gifts. If you are a particularly good mum maybe you deserve both.

daytime bliss

The iKettle - the world’s first wifi Kettle. The perfect present for a mum as you don’t even have to be in the kitchen to switch it on. You control the iKettle from your smartphone. There’s a gentle wake mode that even asks you if you’d like to pop the kettle on in the morning.

iKettle for mothers day
daytime talking kettle

evening bliss

The perfect handbag that lets you sip in style! A Wine Handbag. What’s better,  the wine inside is sourced from the finest French wineries and you can select from red, rose or white. So kick back in the evening or take it to the (rare) party and watch those jaws drop.

Wine handbag for mothers day
Evening Bliss even on the move!

Here’s a link to some more Mother’s day ideas. Main photo credit to Rowan Gillette- Fussell.

If you’ve found any fun mother’s day gift inspiration of your own just share a link below.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Tarika Marshall – Co-founder

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