How to look good naked

How to look good naked | Valentine’s day countdown

With Valentine’s day right around the corner we want to look our best for our other halves. If you’re worried about your body image on date night here are 5 quick fix fitness tips to get you to look and feel your best.

Tip No.1 – Personalise your diet plan

Now this tip is easier said than done. We all have our weaknesses for certain food and drink but if you can keep away from temptation and introduce a health kick to your diet you will feel the positive improvements in no time. The fitness experts at the GymCompany recommend you pick a diet plan that helps you achieve your personal goals and the physique you’re aiming for.

Ask yourself, what is it you want to achieve? Is it overall weight loss, toning those bingo wings, getting rid of a little belly flab, toning your bum, legs or all of the above?

Healthy Diet for Valentines Day

First thing’s first. Make sure your diet plan isn’t too bland and involves a variety of foods, this is one of the main reasons why a lot of people struggle to follow a diet – losing interest in eating the same foods every day.

Pick from the top trending diet plans below (please remember to always seek advice from your GP or nutritionist before undergoing any radical changes):

  • 5:2 Diet plan – Eat normally for 5 days throughout the week and fast for the other 2. Good for weight loss and claims to be good for function and lifespan.
  • Paleo diet plan – This consists of foods that can be hunted/fished and foods that can be gathered such as eggs/fruits.
  • New Atkins diet plan – This will ensure your body is a calorie burning machine.

Tip No.2 – Core workout around the house

With your core at the heart of most body movement, working on improving this should be super easy. There are a huge range of exercises available to work on core muscles, to suit all styles and body types, so there’s no excuse to put it off. One of the best ways of toning your core would be interval type training to burn fat quickly. If you’re pressed for time create a little exercise routine at home.

Home Gym for Valentines Day

Pinpoint areas in the house with their own dedicated exercise focusing on working your core muscles. (E.g Area 1 – Stomach crunches, Area 2 – Leg raises, Area 3 – Abdominal holds and lastly Area 4 – 1 or 2 minute plank.) If you feel like you’re busting a gut, during the routine, treat yourself to 30 seconds rest in between, to catch your breath and rest your muscles.

Tip No.3 – leg and bum tricks

Toning the legs and glutes is super easy. There are a multitude of exercises available that don’t need any equipment. Legs and bum are a big factor in aiming for that ideal physique. Don’t forget to vary your exercises so you work cross different parts of your leg.

Recommended exercises:

  • Seated leg curls – these work your quads to tone them.
  • Weighted squats – use a Bulgarian bag over your shoulders while you perform a squat to increase difficulty. If this is too strenuous simply do a bodyweight squat.
  • Kettlebell swings – these are fantastic for your booty and will provide you with a really thorough workout.


Tip No.4 – Carve out 30 minutes for cardio 

Cardio exercise is proven to increase your stamina so you can get more from your workout, and see the highest return. Carve out time in your day for a long walk, jog or swim and you’ll notice you tempo and the length of time you can stick it out each day will last longer.

Here are some recommended exercises:

  • Daily jogging – whether it be outside or on a treadmill jogging for 20 minutes will raise your heart beat and help to burn those niggly bits of fat you are trying to shift.
  • Interval training – Work out for 30 minutes using different equipment. Go at 90% for 3 minutes and tone it down to jogging or rowing at 50%. Then repeat. Most treadmills have interval training installed on them so just push a button and go! (Crosstrainers or Rowers are also good for this)

Home Gym Valentines Day

  • High intensity HIIT training – all you need is 20 minutes and 4-5 workout stations. Hiit is one of the most effective workouts you can do and will leave you feeling like your arms and legs have fallen off but this is good. It is an all over body workout which will tone and make you sweat.

Tip No.5 – Feel Good about Yourself

This is key! You’ve worked hard to get to this point so stand in front of the mirror and be proud of what you’ve achieved, it’s important to feel good on the inside just as much as looking good on the outside.

Looking good for Valentine's Day

Then pull out that outfit you never thought you’d wear and enjoy a fabulous well earned Valentine’s day with your loved ones or out with friends.

Have you got any tip you’d like to share for the Valentine’s day countdown? Add them to the comments below.


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