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New Year, New You | How to get positive in 2017

If you’re stuck reflecting on the achievements, downfalls and experiences last year held for you, January is a great time to set new goals and make changes that will make this a great year to look back on. They don’t have to be groundbreaking, sometimes making small achievable adjustments to your life can make all the difference.

So for all of you that have had the good or bad we’ve picked some ideas to help kickstart 2017 with a positive vibe:

#1 Use colour to project the new you 

How you dress reflects your energy and mood so bling up those blacks and greys with some vibrant colours to boost your mood. It’s all about audacity in 2017. For calm self assured confidence go Riverside, Navy or Cobalt Blue. For Bold, energetic and life changing try Aurora Reds, Tangerines, Corals and electric fuchsia, for that sophisticated swagger it’s Lush meadow Green. Tone things down with splashes of grey and taupe. Experiment with fabulous velvets, electro furs and even glittery lurex. Yes lurex!

Get positive in 2017

Get the Look - Confident Blue

Get the Look - Bold and Energetic

Get the Look -  Sophisticated swagger


#2 Re-energise with Me time

Daily routines can be overwhelming and finding some peaceful Me Time can be almost impossible. Make some small changes to make sure you achieve it this year. Save a time slot for yourself first thing before the morning rush, even if it means waking up half an hour earlier. If you have kids or pets and that’s not possible, ask for some help from your partner, a family member or arrange a friends baby sitting circle to give you some time out.

Maintain positive energy by trying some simple forms of relaxation such as mindfulness (short meditations) or yoga – you can even fit this in on the commute to work – switch off with some earplugs. If you want to step it up a pace then a brisk walk or run are enough to kickstart those endorphins.

To make sure you’re getting enough shut eye this year take a look at our earlier post on how to sleep more easily.


#3 Try healthy without going extreme

According to Waitrose, the hip new trend for 2017 is vegetable yoghurts, replacing the sweet trends to date. Vegetables are an essential source of protein and amino acids of vegetable origin and help fight against obesity, prevent and control diabetes, coronary heart diseases and cancer, according to the FAO. Find fun ways to include them in your meal plan.

2017 new year resolutions

If yoghurts aren’t your thing kickstart the day with some exotic fruits, or whip up  lentil salad, chickpeas with fried eggs or peas served with fish or meat. We love Jamie Oliver’s Lentil and Bean Salad recipe here



#4 Share a new hobby with family or friends

Do you want to re-take a sport but feel a little lazy? Do you want to do something for your community but can’t find time? Or maybe you want to take a dance course or start playing an instrument but are too embarrassed to try? Do it with your loved ones. You can share some quality one on one time with family or friends at the same time. Check out your local Meet up groups for inspiration.

new year resolutions

Need a bit of insight before joining? Check out our most popular communities from Foodies, Beauty fans, Home Decor lovers, Gadget Geeks and the Outdoorsy.

#5 Do something awesome

We all have aspirations of trying something once we have enough money or time or get a bit older. Jot these down on one page and review your ‘un-achievable’ list with costs. You’ll surprise yourself when you realise you don’t need millions to make it all happen and that incredible experience is within reach.

Surround yourself with do-ers not naysayers or procrastinators and it will give you that positive energy to move away from bad habits and negativity and turn plans into action.

Then get planning: If it’s a round-the-world trip pick a single country or surprise yourself by selecting anywhere – Skyscanner is good for last minute deals, if it’s skydiving find a local airfield, if its volunteering check out the NCVO National directory that will connect you to organisations you are passionate about. If it’s starting your own company get starter tips.

Have you got a New Year plan to shake things up in 2017?  Share it with us in the comments below.


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