How to beat the winter blues with 3 fun kids activities

It is that time of the year when we have to get really creative with our activities with the kids. It is either freezing or raining outside and, we are the type of parents that only allow an hour of electronic interactive a day (TV, computer, iPad etc). This blog post is dedicated to helping you find fun ways to ‘play’ during the miserable months of the year. Share any of your favourite games in the comments below.

Before we start, we are not claiming to be original; these are just our absolute favourite games.

Build a fort/castle/den: We find that the name for this game changes depending on whether we are playing with boys or girls or both. All it needs is a creative mind, some sheets, pillows and, if you aren’t superstitious, umbrellas. You can either build the fort from scratch, hence the umbrella idea, or utilise larger pieces of furniture like the kitchen table. Once the fort has been built, you can discuss rules of the kingdom and decorate inside. Who sees a ceiling of stars on the bottom of the kitchen table anyway?


Hide the object: Our littlest is still a bit too small to play hide and seek without getting scared, so instead we play hide the object and we all try to find the hidden object together. The winner gets to hide the object next and the only words allowed to be spoken are ‘warmer’ or ‘colder’. Great fun for a family with children a few years apart in age.

Cartoon strip: This is great for both boys and girls too. We love it because we get to educate our children about storytelling and the structure of a story as well as crack in to their creative side. We have pre-printed cartoon paper (basically just sheets with boxes on) and we sit with the kids for 20 minutes whilst they tell us their story before they get started. Keeps them quiet for at least 45 minutes if we are lucky.

What are your favourite indoor games?

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