tips for shopping with kids, kids in trolley, stress free shopping

Helpful tips for shopping with kids

Going shopping with kids can be a daunting task. We’ve all experienced the classic toddler meltdown or baby screaming match in the middle of the supermarket and it’s enough to make you question leaving the house.

tips for shopping with kids, kids in trolley, stress free shopping

This blog has four brilliant ideas to keep your little ones preoccupied whilst at the shops so you can get your shopping done in relative peace. Try and get the timing right so ideally during or after naptime and after a meal to make sure they’re not cranky and starving. Even better if you can get to the shops during a quiet period during the day or when they first open on the weekend.

Bring snacks: When in doubt always bring out a rice cake! It goes without saying that you should never leave the house without a snack pouch for any trip out. Mini rice cakes, carrot sticks, grapes or cookies are all handy treats especially when you get to checkout and they’re running out of patience.

applesThe picture game: This is a really fun and entertaining way we get our kids to help out with the weekly shop. It’s also a good way to get the little ones practicing food names. Use your phone to take pictures of your usual shopping items and either print them off or risk handing your phone to your toddler.  Best part is? You have little helpers so you won’t forget anything! They may intrigued when you slip some miscellaneous bottles of wine in the trolley however…

Supermarket Bingo: Create a bingo square with different items of food you are planning on purchasing from the shops. Put the printed off sheet in a plastic cover and give it to your children with a marker pen (preferable not permanent). As you go around the shop they can cross off the items they see. Once they get a row they win the game!

Scavenger hunt: Once you little ones get a bit bigger they can probably guess clues in a scavenger hunt. The idea is you give your children a hint for each item you need from the shops. For example, “It is red and juicy and Snow White didn’t have a very good one (apple).” Each child that guesses correctly gets the clue card and whoever has the most at the end wins! (You can decide if this leads to treats or not…)

Thanks to Caitlin Regan for the Flickr photo.

Do you have any genius shop survival games to play when shopping with kids? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.




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