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A Guide to Getting Pregnant in your late 30s – Martine McCutcheon Chic Mama

We were really happy to hear that Martine McCutcheon is expecting at 38. It has inspired this week’s guide to getting pregnant in your late 30s. She is positively glowing with gorgeousness! If you’re expecting, check out her snug but stylish winter look below, we’ve picked out the best the high street has to offer so you can re-create it for less.

Here our are favourite tips for getting pregnant in your 30s.

Find ways to combat Stress – yoga or meditation can help relax you. Read, listen to music or reduce those late hours at work. Reducing stress has been shown to increase ovarian activity.

Get fit and healthy – studies have shown women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30 or under 20 have a harder time getting pregnant than those in the 20 to 30 range. Get into a regular fitness regime, even once a week is fine, and make sure you get a healthy dose of vitamins (fruit and veg). Vitamin B prenatal supplements can really help prepare your body.

Lie on your back after sex and place a pillow under your hips – this has never been scientifically proven but a lot of experts stick by it and remember the laws of gravity..

Ditch the caffeine and reduce the alcohol – you don’t have to eliminate every vice in your life but it definitely helps your chances of conceiving when you consume these at a low to medium level.

Need further tips? Take a look at this somewhat controversial book from Jean Twenge, The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant

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Re-create Martine’s Look from the high street below –

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