Festival gear 2016

Essential Festival Gear 2016

Whether it’s the Doncaster Folk Festival, Download or Glastonbury; the summer is almost upon us and that can only bring one thing….rain! No, festival season.

It’s not only the love of music which unites people at these gatherings, but the knowledge of the iconic ‘festival style’ that seems to accompany every ticket. If, like most, you are a festival newbie and need a little helping hand to fit in with the crowd, we’ve used our handy tips and insider knowledge to ensure you can attend that festival like a pro.

Festival gear 2016

First of all, how do you know which festival to go to? To camp or not to? Do you bring the family? We’ve found an eclectic calendar of events from all across the country, so you don’t have to trawl the internet looking for the ideal one.  For Family friendly ones check here.


The festival tent

Many people choose to camp at festivals, especially as some even offer a quiet zone or family area if you are attending with little ones (or you like a bit of peace while you try and sleep!) If it’s your first time camping, the wonderfully named Tent Sniffer has some excellent advice for you:

The Festival Tent
Source: Paul Underhill photography


 You might think that for 2 people a 2 man tent is what you need, but don’t be fooled! That is how many people can lay down and sleep in a tent and may not include any living space at all. Always check a plan diagram of the tent and allow some extra space if you plan to be in the tent for more than just sleeping. An extra bedroom makes a great storage area too”.

Pop up festival tent



This easy camp antic pixel tent comes highly recommended and just pops up with very limited assembly; or choose to camp in style with this Robens Fairbanks Tipi tent.


Festival essentials you didn’t know you needed

Seasoned festival goer Sian has some great tips and ideas for things you may not have considered taking away with you, such as these mess tins for a truly authentic camping experience, or a head torch;  obvious yet easily forgotten. Check out her blog for some more great advice. We’ve made a list of some of our own ideas too, such as this collapsible kettle and this Little Life Safety ID bracelet,  so you can be safe in the knowledge that if your children do wander off they can be easily returned (if you want them back that is!)

Collapsible camping gear

Don’t forget to pack some hearty breakfast ingredients to see you through the day, or to mop up the hangover. We love Lauren from The Helpful Hiker’s lowdown on the best camping breakfasts and her top tips to travel easy with the ingredients.

Camping breakfasts
Source: The Helpful Hiker

Although collapsing into a tent after a long day of listening to some of your favourite music doesn’t require much thought, this tent light with a remote will prevent that ‘ugh’ moment when you realise you’ve forgotten to turn off the light!


Festival style 2016

Source: Paul Underhill Photography


It may not be a British event but Coachella is a fashion leader when it comes to setting festival trends. This year saw many celebs pioneering a chic, relaxed style showing lots of loose floaty dresses and floral patterns. Copy their look with this beautiful floral maxi tea dress from Asos and make sure you team it with this suedette fringe jacket, to adopt the true festival style.

Style blogger Stephi LaReine has a great formula for the perfect festival fashion, she says:

‘My key to keeping my style on fleek for festivals is figuring out what I’m comfortable in, secondly appropriately dressing for the weather, whilst mixing in a few textures and a splash of jewellery.’

Fashion isn’t all about the ladies either. British fashion blogger Steve Booker shares effortless festival style tips in palm tree prints, chinos and slip on loafers – here’s hoping the sun comes out!

Source: Steve Booker
Source: Steve Booker

The wellies. Of course, wellies epitomise everything about a festival no matter if there’s mud or not, you have to wear your wellies. But why not try something a little different with these boot style ankle wellies or these amazing Hunter refined gloss boots?

Wellies for Festival season

Whatever the weather, the band or the location the British festival season is one of the most popular in the world, and this year is no exception. So make sure you plan your purchases well in advance, pack light and attend your chosen festival with an open mind and a lot of hand sanitiser!

Need a hand with what to pack? Check out our earlier blog on Camping Essentials on a budget.

Share your tips for Festival Season in the comment below.

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  1. Great post for festival season which seems to be kicking off. I’d love to make it to a family friendly festival one of these days :-) Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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