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Feeding your kids their 5 a day

As parents we know the reaction kids can have to their greens. Usually we are faced with a wrinkled nose followed by some kind of a ‘yuck’, ‘yucky’ or ‘ugh’. Lucky for us parents there are now all these ingenious products available that can help disguise those pesky greens as a delicious treat. In this week’s blog we have put together a plan to help you feed your kids their five a day.

Our Spider-kid Smoothie: We love our handheld blender for a reason. It makes fresh fruit appealing to our little loves especially if we mention a serving of peanut butter mixed up in all that healthy goodness. We generally tend to throw in whatever fruit we have in the fruit bowl plus some frozen strawberries or raspberries. We love turning it into a mocktail making session, where the kids choose their ingredients and create names for their mocktails. You can also freeze any left over ingredients into ice lollies for a treat another day. (try 1/2 cup of yoghurt, 4 strawberries, 1 banana, 2 tsps peanut butter, ice cubes and a quick whizz).

The Food Dehydrator: Bear with us on this one, as we know that it doesn’t sound remotely appealing. We first read about The Food Dehydrator back in November 2013 in Wired. You can make a ton of homemade, healthy snacks. Serve up dried banana chips to sundried tomatoes, strawberry flakes and yummy kale chips. Masked to look in the same family as crisps, these snacks fly off the shelves in our home. 

Play it like Popeye: Ahh that great sailor man helps us a lot in our home with our five a day. We have really managed to use the old tricks well with our own kids and we enjoy giggling about it as parents. Have you tried any of these?

  • Carrots: Help you see in the dark. Also been known to give you curly hair though that depends on the mood toward curly hair that day.
  • Spinach: Eating spinach is then followed by some bicep clenching quality time with the family.
  • Eating the skin on food: Can offer a multitude of talents ranging from super human powers like tidying a room to Mary Poppins standard and speed to being extremely good a maths. Again depends on the day.

Do you have any ways that you encourage your kids to eat their five-a-day? Tell us your tricks below in the comments.

Thanks James Emery for the picture :-) Find it here.



Tarika Marshall – Co-founder

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