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Cahootsy’s Top Easter Family Activities

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The Easter holidays are nearly upon us, which means we need to start planning some fun activities for the family to keep busy. We are very lucky to have no end of fun activities to do all around the country and at affordable prices. Here are Cahootsy’s top picks for Easter family fun.

The Easter Family Egg Hunt:

What is Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt?  This is a brilliant easter family activity to plan at home or on a day out. We love to decorate hard boiled eggs or some plastic, child-friendly equivalent with lots of fancy drawings before sending dad off into the garden (come rain or shine) to hide them. Then let the kids loose with a basket to race around searching . If they’re a bit older then make it even more exciting by drawing them a map or leaving them simple clues on Post-it notes.

If you are looking for a day out then there is a fab Easter egg hunt at Kensington Palace on Friday April 18 until Monday April 21. Cadbury’s are also hosting easter egg hunts all over the country with the National Trust.

Easter Family Day Out:

After a winter indoors the whole family will be raring to leave the house as soon as the Easter holiday weekend begins. Plan a great day out and teach your kids what spring is all about with a day at your local farm. Bottle-feeding baby lambs and holding baby chicks are little thrills they will remember forever. There are also usually swings, trampolines and several other energy zapping activities for the kids to guarantee they get a good night’s sleep. Here’s the Guardian shortlist of some great country and city farms you can visit. We recommend you pack a picnic for your day to save money.

Easter Family Bonnet making:

Getting the kids engaged in some arts and crafts to get them right in the spirit of Easter and keep them entertained. Bonnets are a staple part of any Easter Diet (along with chocolate…lots of chocolate). You can use different bits n bobs lying around the house so they can create their own Easter bonnet. If you are stuck for time, find an old straw hat at the local charity shop and get sticking. If you have a whole afternoon then you can shoot for a home-made card creation (we recommend you start with a paper plate, some flowers, chicks and eggs at the supermarket). Read the recommendations over on Netmums where they also have some good ideas for boys.

Thanks to Pavel Loj for the great Flickr photo.

Do you have any family traditions at Easter that you like to do? Share your ideas below.





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