Earth Day, Cahootsy natural products, natural gifts for babies and toddlers

Earth Day – natural products for babies and toddlers

Our toddlers raced home from nursery last week proudly brandishing a little bean in a plastic cup on a bed of water soaked cotton wool. All to celebrate Earth Day. How many of you remember doing that very same thing? For me it was cress.

What a relief to see the first shoot appear and know I hadn’t killed it. I was congratulated by our nature lovers aged 2 and 4 for giving it water and sun. Then I went a step too far – did you know plants make oxygen? “What! That’s the most ridiculous thing ever!” says our eldest rolling around the floor.

For most of us Earth Day is like any other but for our kids it’s a day to celebrate and learn all about our world and it’s natural wonders.

So we’ve been on the hunt to find three very different products that celebrate all things natural to feature in Cahootsy Rewards this week. For more info on Cahootsy Rewards read our previous blog or FAQ’s.

Here’s a description of each and why they are such fab, green products:

Earth Day, Cahootsy natural products, natural gifts for babies and toddlers

Merino Kids Cocooi™ Swaddle and Go Go Bag™ sleepbag: these 100% natural products, made with the world’s finest Merino wool, have been helping little ones and their parents sleep better through the night. Better than synthetic or any other material, Merino wool ‘breathes’ and controls moisture, creating a more comfortable micro-climate between body and bedding. Merino wool has the natural ability to respond to changes in temperature that helps keep young ones cool when it is hot, and warm when it is cold. Medically proven to let baby sleep better, longer, feed better, cry less and gain weight faster. Win:Win!

Yoomi’s 3-in-1 Feeding System, the multiple award winning bottle warmer designed by two parents to make warming baby’s milk easier. It includes a premium easi-latch bottle, a travel warmer and a bedside warmer. At the touch of a button, Yoomi warms baby’s milk to the natural temperature of breastmilk in just 60 seconds. Incredibly energy efficient! No more begging for hot water when you are out and about. Best of all it never overheats the milk so important nutrients are protected. Winner of the Best Innovative feeding system by Loved by Parents, silver award, 2013.

Lucy and Sam’s clothing range. London’s hip new clothing brand for children contains gorgeous designs produced from sustainable sources making them totally environmentally friendly too. They source their products from India and give back 15% of sales on selected styles to a charity in Tamil Nadu, India that supports unwanted baby girl orphans. They really have the whole package: a kind mission and a brill product.

Each of these wonderful products are up for grabs over at Cahootsy. Sign up to take a peek at our rewards section.

Have you discovered any organic products for children? Tell us below or join the conversation over on Facebook and Twitter.

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