DIY and money saving hacks for mother's day

DIY Money Saving Hacks for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. If you’re feeling a little short of cash but still want to delight that very special lady in your life, then help is at hand. With 4 great ideas, and step by step tips from our DIY experts, you can create these money saving hacks for Mother’s Day at home.

  1. Creative Frames

Framing is an expensive business and the reason why most of us have our cherished photos still sitting on our computers. Instead consider upcycling old frames, re-inventing cheap ones with a personal touch or making your own from scratch.

Seasoned DIY experts and sisters Ashley & Whitney share their best ideas and you can read their full tutorial on Shanty2Chic. For other inspired DIY ideas look at their Instagram page.

DIY photo frames for Mother's Day
DIY wooden frame tutorial by Shanty2Chic

If photos aren’t your thing you can always transform an old frame into a personalised home decor piece in no time at all. Pick something that’s special to your mum – a hobby, a trip down memory lane, a favourite place or pet.

We’re feeling inspired by the lovely range of frames from local artist and craftsmaker Nicki (@ByNickiGifts):

Handmade photo frame for mother's day
Heart & Button Box Frame by Nicki

You can find all the tools and material you need for frame crafting here.


  1. Handmade Photo Magnets

The fridge a great place for sticky notes or photos as you can see them everyday and they’ll always put a smile on your face. So why not pick your favourite photos and present them in an original way? You can wrap your creation in a clear box with lace or ribbon.

Tamsin (@TamsynRiley) from Max and Me shares a great Polaroid Magnet idea and an inspired way to use those photos that lie on your social media posts. Check out her tutorial here.

“I picked out a dozen of my favourite photos from instagram, added a polaroid frame to each one using picnik and printed them out onto 200gsm card stock”.

DIY polaroid framed photos for mother's day


  1. DIY Fabric or knitted cushions

Home Decor, especially cushions and rugs, can cost a lot. All you need is a thirst for starting a new hobby and a simple knitting pattern and you’re ready to create your own. Start out by making a simple plain knit cushion and you might be ready to try your hand at a Fabric Rug. If you’re struggling then you might want to invest in a Knitting Mill .

Knitting whizz Brittany from JustbCrafty shares her tips and tricks for trying this at home armed with ‘a ..set of knitting needles, piles of yarn, and a couple free evenings”

Hand knitted cushion covers for Mother's Day
Hand knitted pillow tutorial from JustbCrafty

Look here for inspiration on DIY knitting patterns for cushions.


  1. Homemade Jewellery

If you’re mum is partial to jewellery then you can make some great creative pieces of your own. Try making something colourful and totally unique for her like a bracelet or collar made of simple buttons.

Seasoned Re-Fashioner in jewellery and sewing Portia from the Makery makes it sound really simple, recommending “if you have a healthy button stash at home you could create the perfect sewist themed accessory using the same process!”. She did these using “a bag of cheapo costume jewellery”.

Thanks Miss P (@PortiaLawrie) for this lovely idea. You can check out her DIY candy tutorial here.

DIY Handmade jewellery for Mother's Day
DIY sweet jewellery by Portia: Makery

For a more modern look there’s a great pendant from brass tube offcuts. Simply thread it to a piece of leather to complete the look. Here’s the tutorial.

DIY Brass tube necklace for Mother's Day
DIY Brass tube necklace by Portia: Makery

You don’t have to break the bank to get that personal touch for Mother’s Day. Use these handy tricks or get a bit more creative. You can upcycle any jewellery you have or one that means something to her – recycle a special ring, watch face or old jewel. Use your imagination and get hacking!

If you’ve got to the end of this blog and you’re still not inspired to be creative then check out our latest Offers of the Day for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely ladies out there!

Have you got any other money saving tips for Mother’s Day or general gift giving? Share them in the comments below.

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