Dealing with morning sickness, Kate Middleton morning sickness

Dealing with Morning Sickness

We were delighted to hear the news this week that Kate and Wills are expecting their second child and a little baby sister or brother to George. We have to sympathise with poor Kate and the difficulties dealing with morning sickness though. We know how tough it can be…

I was stuck in bed for nearly 2 months with my first pregnancy and desperate to find any remedy that meant I could leave the house.  Where was that glowing happy bouncy mum to be that I had imagined? Fear not. This week we’ve put together a little collage of favourite things that will help you get through those ‘can’t leave the house’ moments. Always have a pack of dry biscuits to nibble on and a bottle of water no matter what.

Fashion wise it would be wise to get something super comfy – over the bump leggings and floaty tunics can keep you looking chic even if you do feel like death. Flats are in so you can get away with these in any office. A simple maternity tee is handy for those slump around the house moments and even in labour (dark colours are always best).  Seabands are excellent to help fend off the nauseous feeling and a refreshing Avene Water Spray to keep cool if you’re still commuting.

The ultimate remedy I found was an acupuncture course. I had this with my second pregnancy and was only sick for a week. Highly recommended but make sure you find one through word of mouth or a recommended practitioner.

What did you wear or use that helped you with morning sickness?

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