How to cope with a toddler and a new baby

Coping with a toddler and new baby: Joanna Page Chic Mama

Joanna Page from “Gavin and Stacey” is expecting her second baby and this got us thinking about some of the challenges we faced as parents the second time around. Some things are easier but it can be very challenging balancing a toddler and new baby. Here are some of our top tips for coping in the early days:

#1 Pre-make a bunch of dinners and pop them in the freezer – you will truly thank yourself in those first few weeks.

#2 Don’t try to do it all! If someone offers to do something for you, let them.

#3  If you you are a neat freak then mentally prepare yourself for a ‘not-so-clean’ home in those first few weeks or even months. If you thought it was messy with your toddler around, never under-estimate the mess your tiny baby will produce. Keeping a stylish box on the stairs to chuck all that clutter is useful and more importantly will help you with the endlessly moving of things from one floor to the other.

#4 Prioritize fresh air daily. The exercise and fresh air will invigorate you. A half an hour walk is sufficient and shake that cooped up feeling.

#5 Involve your toddler as much as you can – let them help with bath time for example. This helps your toddler bond with the baby and feel involved. It’ll stop them playing up to get attention too and keep the atmosphere calm. It’s also handy to set something up for your toddler before you start your feeds. A movie, playdoh or a train track will keep them occupied and let you focus on your little one.

#6 Our favourite tip is from Joanna herself. Just don’t give in to the ridiculous pressure to get back to shape after birth.

Joanna says: ‘I think it’s awful that women are expected to be a certain shape so soon after giving birth. I really don’t understand that pressure. This idea that you should lose all the weight you’ve put on within six weeks of producing a child and have a washboard stomach? ‘It’s just ridiculous! At the moment it’s all about Eva rather than the way I look.’

Do you have any top tips for mums  coping with a toddler and new baby?

Take a peek at how Joanna’s looking in the run up to her baby’s birth. We’ve re-created the look using favourite high street brands and shared the links below

Coping with a toddler and new baby
Actress Joanna Page preparing for baby number two

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