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Congratulations to mum Lisa, winner of our ‘Q & A’ competition!

If you go down to Cahootsy today you’re in for a big surprise… there have been a flood of entries from parents sharing some very cool finds and fantastic recommendations over the past few weeks. We’ve even spotted some up and coming retailers helping solve some parents searches with some great prices. Who knew there were moonshaped cribs someone will handmake to your spec, fingerprint proof dishwashers to save us from sticky, messy handprints, and Agave – a sugar substitute to help us burn off some calories without the exercise?!

Now that brings us to the exciting news. We can officially announce the winner of our first Cahootsy Members competition .. drum roll … Lisa Edwards! Congratulations mum Lisa and little one Harry. (As a special thank you we asked Lisa to choose any high street brand for her £50 gift card)


Competition details can be found here.

Lisa has proven to be one savvy mum and a ninja problem solver. A talent that’s earned her 4 Top Cahootsy’s already and a total of 16 stars awarded by other mums and dads. 

Happy Cahootin’!


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