Baby Sleep Training Parenting Fail

Baby Sleep Training – our Fail

Recently we came across #FailFriday over at parenting blog Parenting on the Front Line and it really made us chuckle. As parents there really are so many to choose from! We’ve decided to pick the one we’re living through right now: baby sleep training. We had a serious dose of second child syndrome with this parenting must-do and are paying for it now. Here is our confession:

With our second baby we threw out all modicum of discipline when it came to sleep training. We just didn’t have the time – that’s no excuse but there you have it – we were amidst planning our new venture and resigning from jobs so the idea of wading through The Baby Whisperer and Gina Ford’s Contented Baby second time round was not the bedtime treat I was looking forward to. Sleep was.

So fast forward to our baby developing a voice and all hell breaks loose. The bedtime routine involves a shopping list of “need water cup, need nappy change, need a pat, need my bear, need my other bear, need a song, etc”. Just when we think we’ve outsmarted her by covering all of the above before bedtime she moves to Plan B – screaming. Maybe I’ve softened this time around but I find humming and patting for an hour feels less soul destroying than giving the controlled crying method a go.

So while I felt like supermum with my first baby (well perhaps just on the sleep training bit), by following a carefully planned bedtime routine from about four months (aka short and sweet bedtime routines and an 8 hour kip), I’m now giving up and handing the reins to my husband :).

Fail. Friday.

Here were the first warning signs we should have picked up on. Finally giving in to sleep after her evening shenanigans were over!

baby sleep training fail photo

Have you got any tips to help baby sleep training: the sequel? What parenting fails do you have to share to make us feel better?


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