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Angelina Jolie: including your child in your wedding

It was lovely news to hear that Brangelina had tied the knot this last month and we loved how she made sure her children played a key role at the wedding. Here are the ways you can follow in Ange’s lead to make sure you’re including your child in your wedding:

  • Dress: Ange let her children doodle, yes, doodle all over her dress. They did work with a designer however, so it was not a case of “Here is a pen, run free”. It was entertaining to look at the various scribbles they had chosen. What did you spot on her dress?
  • Page boys/Ring Bearers/Flower girls: Shiloh and Knox were the ring bearers at the wedding and Zahara and Vivienne were the flower girls. Each of their 6 children got to choose what they wanted to wear including hats for the gents.
  • Vows: Brad and Ange asked their children to help them write their vows and their children asked their parents to make promises to each other. This is a lovely way to get your children involved in your own wishes and hopes for the future.

What ways have you or will you include your child in your wedding? Maybe you are renewing your vows – have you got a special role that your children will play?

Angelina always looks fabulous, even with her 6 children in tow. When she’s not floating in Atelier Versace she is still a busy mum and nails the comfortable but classy look. Get inspiration for your autumn wardrobe with a classy cashmere jumper and leggings, we’ve put together a look that’ll still turn heads.


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