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5 things I learnt when launching a product online.


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Cahootsy is live in Private Beta and we’re just launching Merchant Stores.

The journey since Christmas has been extremely exciting for us. As with any start up, launching a product online comes with many lessons and we have learnt a fair few. We wanted to take some time to share our experiences with you as entrepreneurs and parents this week. Here we go!

Multi-tasking: We thought 12 years working together would mean launching a start up would be second nature. Wrong. We’ve had to get our heads around every angle of the business and really muck in. Learning about SEO and code and email marketing has been a challenge but feels like you can really take on anything once you start seeing the results. We’ve also learnt to ask for help and its amazing to see how willing people are, even total strangers, to pitch in.

There will always be tweaks: One reason we decided to launch in private beta first was to ensure that any bugs that popped up could be fixed before going live to the public. A frustrated user experience is never a good thing. Having spent a lot of time perfecting our product we were sure there’d be nothing wrong. Lesson number one: there will always be bugs that need to be fixed. Boy, are we relieved that we took the time to launch with a select group of fans first so we could iron out early issues.

The rush: When you work on a product consistently as an entrepreneurial couple, you literally live and breathe it with all your energy focused on making it work. When it came to launch day we were so immersed in our product that part of us just expected everyone out there to understand it and jump on board. We knew we needed a marketing strategy and it wouldn’t be quite that easy but having made it to such a momentous landmark felt like the world would be cheering with us. Unfortunately you won’t get a massive rush of users immediately. But this didn’t take away from our launch day high!

Critics: If you think about life in general, you always have critics, and you can’t please everyone. You will have people who love your concept and you will have people who don’t. We’ve learnt to listen to the good, the bad and the ugly and its really inspired us to tweak elements of our strategy. It’s a constantly evolving process and you must always listen to feedback and be ready to adapt.

Time out with the kids: As they say ‘a change is as good as a rest’. There’s nothing better than downtime with the kids to forget your troubles and it’s totally free. Perfect for a start up. The great thing is when you’re in the middle of a dinosaur hunt or squashed in a den your brain literally doesn’t have time to think about those pesky problems and you get a full recharge. Essential.

We are pretty sure there’s much more for us to learn as our business develops and we will continue sharing this with you on our blog. Got any advice for us? Please share it with us below!

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Tarika Marshall – Co-founder

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