5 Starter Home tips from experts

5 expert home interior tips for doing up your home

When I think back to setting up my first home, I didn’t have a clue where to start. You’re tight on budget and time and while it should be exciting its also pretty daunting.

Our first home was quite stark and awash in Magnolia (as was all the rage at the time). Our next experimented with the other extreme using the brightest colours Farrow and Ball had to offer – no wall was safe. Being a novice can mean some pretty big decorating faux pas – who’s tried matching all your decor to the colours of your walls? Not a great look! The stark all white hospital theme or the chintz in every room aren’t great either.

Luckily help is at hand. We’ve handpicked some of the top UK bloggers and designers expert home interior tips so, whether you’re setting up your first home or revamping, feast on our Top 5 expert insights:

#1 Pick a base to build from

As with all good design, you will need the right base to start with. Kate Watson-Smyth @katewatsonsmyth from Mad About the House, an award winning interior design blog, suggests the best way to start is: natural wood, something black and something metallic

Regardless of whether you’re decorating a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom, these three elements combined will work perfectly in any room. Here’s a great example –

Source: Royal Roulotte Architectural Interiors

Need some inspiration? Check out some ideas here for Wood,  Black or Metallic .


#2 Choose a colour that reflects you

I’m not a huge fan of going with the latest colour fad as I get easily bored of them. So it’s refreshing to read the colour hints and back to basic colour advice from Abigail Ahern @AbigailAhern. She suggests: use your natural intuition when it comes to selecting colours and make sure they are personally right for you’”.

It makes sense. Your home should reflect your personality shouldn’t it? To make this work, pick items and styles that you like and colours you love and let your gut instinct do the rest. Ahern recommends creating a Moodboard or scrap book so you get a better feel for your sense of style. We love the look she’s created here by teaming a strong colour with surrounding furniture, wallpaper or fabric.

Mix and Match Mood board
Source: Abigail Ahern on Pinterest

Create your own Moodboard by selecting + (add to list) on any product you see on Cahootsy and create your own board for anything you like.


#3 Pair with a Scandinavian touch

We totally agree with Interior Designer and Design Junkie Carole King (@DearDesigners) that Scandinavian style distills just cool, pared back elegance”. With their clean cut lines, cool colours and functional design they fit with any choice of interior and are even ‘”stand-out pieces in their own right”, quoting Carole. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Scandinavian design by Carole Knight
Source: Carole Knight

See here for further Scandinavian inspiration


#4 Add some ‘this season’ must-haves

Once you reach this stage you simply need some accessories to finish the look. Sophisticated mirrors, transparent lamps and chairs are the best ways to add an illusion of size to small spaces. Down to earth Blog Thrifty and Chic has a tons of great ideas on DIY design that won’t break the bank.

Thrifty and Chic accessorise with mirrors
Source: thriftyandchic.com

If it’s stand out stylish pieces you’re after check out British Designer Anna Jacobs fabulous range of handmade accessories including lamps, cushions, lampshades, art and even upcycling tips.

Anna Jacobs Handmade Crystal Lamps
Source: Anna Jacobs Lamps

For more inspiration on accessorising this season here are some ideas: New textures and material that bring the outside insite, like Rattan, Uplifting Floral prints or Modern sparkly metallic .


#5 Finally, it’s all in the detail

You can now add the little details you fell in love with while doing your research. Designer to Pop stars Anna Burles  @annaburles  shares some brilliant ideas on how to break up neutral looks with little additions. The key Anna says is ‘to create a calming, timeless canvas that won’t date, and which you can spice up with colourful props, accessories and ‘accents’, whether a piece of art, a bright cushion or some neon piping on the upholstery’. 


Anna Burles Interior ideas
Source: Anna Burles eclectic interior design

Good luck and hope these ideas have been helpful!

How’s your interior design project going and are there any tips you would share that you’d recommend to others. Add them in the comments below.



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