Happy New Year from Cahootsy!

Hi everyone!
2014 has been an eventful year so far for us and we are literally just sitting down to decide our New Year’s resolutions. Do you have any? We try to set fairly realistic goals each year knowing that they will either rocket off in an entirely different direction or won’t be kept at all. It is the thought that counts though right? Here are our three resolutions for 2014:

Business: Successfully launch our brand Cahootsy! Cahootsy launched just before Christmas in Beta and it will soon be public. This is, as you can imagine, a very exciting and equally stressful time; a time that has really put the fail fast theory (from the start up bible) into context for us. But we have been moving forward everyday, ironing out all the little bugs on the site so it will work like a dream once it is public. We hope to see our little site grow from strength to strength and ultimately help mums and dads all over the UK.

Personal: We want to make sure we make time for our kids by taking shifts on the weekends so they get some proper one-on-one time with each of us and plenty of play. 6 a.m. wake ups mean we can still wrap up and head to the park for an early morning run around as a family and then get down to our workday. My dad’s been ill so I’ve been away for a few weeks in a totally different time zone which means I’m getting a five hour head start to the day. Skype with the kids isn’t quite the same as a proper cuddle though.

Just because… learn how to ride a bike. The pressure’s on now that my 4 year old has got one. I can see a lot of family biking weekends ahead but the last time I rode one was a very wobbly experience in a forest in Costa Rica that involved far too many ‘head firsts into bush’ moments to make me want to do it again.

What have been some of your New Year’s Resolutions? How are you sticking to them?

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