Shea Sugar Body Scrub: The Body Shop – pure indulgence for mum

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It’s not often I get time to myself to indulge in a skin care routine. So when a parcel arrived for me from The Body Shop I felt my heart leap a little.

I’ve tried plenty of products over the years but, as motherhood sets in, I’m more inclined to invest in baby lotions and oils than something to pamper myself.  I’m quick to race upstairs and close the bathroom door (a novelty in our house) and settle down to my first 10 minute pamper session and see what happens.

The Body Shop, Shea Sugar Body Scrub 200ml

I unwrap a huge tub of Shea Sugar Body Scrub . 200 ml to be precise! On opening it I’m hit with the most heavenly scent and dip into an ivory coloured very luxurious looking cream. What I’ve always loved about The Body Shop ingredients are how natural they are, and sure enough this Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree in Ghana. It smells totally edible so I’m not surprised to find out it’s in fact used for cooking in Africa and even used by the Egyptians in their beauty regime.

The Body Shop beauty products, Shea Sugar Body Scrub

I smooth the body scrub over my skin and I’m surprised to find it’s creamy yet grainy –much like the natural sea salt scrubs I’ve used before in Egypt. Is it up to the challenge of softening my over-used, very dry and somewhat wrinkly hands?

After exfoliating I wash off the scrub and I smell utterly divine. I find there’s an oily residue left on my skin and, just as I think uh-oh this is going to be greasy, it immediately absorbs into my skin leaving it feeling silky and moisturised. Best of all I feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The Body Shop, Shea Sugar Body Scrub for mumsAll in all this might just be my simple beauty treat of choice. It’s now my third day using it and it’s somewhat addictive to use. I’ve got a week to go till I bare my legs on a beach and I’ve got high hopes for this one.

SHEA Sugar Body Scrub, 200ml is available at The Body Shop for £13

I’ve spotted a 25% off your order available from 4 Sept 2014!

The Body Shop


Cahootsy Update: Getting the most out of Cahootsy and how to claim rewards?

It’s an exciting summer ahead on Cahootsy with a ton of sizzling new features being added to the site so watch this space!

Cahootsy is rapidly growing into THE go to place for mums and dads to share shopping advice and find the best tips – all tried and tested by other parents. Packed full of recommendations on what to buy, where to find it and even where to get it at the cheapest price.

Most exciting of all the more you help the community the more you get rewarded! We’ve got lots of new offers for you with up to 60% off your favourite parenting brands, all personalised just for Cahootsy parents. So make yours a profile to be proud of and the offers will come to you.

Cahootsy siteThis blog is devoted to explaining how to use the Cahootsy website and, even better, how collaborating on Cahootsy can reward you and your family.

How to use Cahootsy:
Cahootsy is an online shopping community that has been developed to help parents collaborate and share advice on products they know about and love.  You can post tips for other parents, ask for help from the community or advise another family on anything from baby feeding products, toddler fashion to your favourite lotion. Simply sign up here, create a profile and start browsing some of the latest posts like this one:

best recommendations and reviews for baby and toddler
Special Offers and how to redeem them:
The more you collaborate on Cahootsy, the more perks and rewards you and your family will receive. Some of our top partners right now are: Kickers, Vertbaudet, Littlewoods, The Body Shop, Merino Kids and Cuddledry. By interacting on Cahootsy, you get exclusive discounts, free delivery and much more from your favourite parenting brands. The more points you earn on Cahootsy, the more rewards you will receive.

discount offers on kids brands and baby brands
Flaunt your profile to attract offers!
Here’s how you look now. The more you get involved in the community the more impressive your shopping profile. Build it up to get discovered by the brands you love for being such a fabulous parent. You’ll soon get personalised offers flooding in. Here’s one of our favourite mums on the site right now and her gorgeous bubba.

Cahootsy profile, meeting other mums


We have been listening to your feedback and the next update to the site will be a brand spanking new profile page designed specifically for you. Your yummy new profile will have some awesome new features, let you connect with other like minded shoppers, and will be personalised to you. Your new profile will be available soon so bag your place on Cahootsy now!


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Jamie Oliver Chic Dada Daddy Fashion

Who doesn’t love Jamie Oliver? This lovely Dad is now a daddy to Buddy Bear Maurice, Poppy Honey Rosie, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Daisy Boo Pamela. That is some names right there! Here is some inspiration from this daddy’s style book:

Screenshot 2014-08-06 11.18.26

Bayfield Twill Cargo Trousers

Wool Rich Zip Through Jumper with Cashmere 

Adidas, Turf Royal, Navy

Grey Classic Crew Shirt 

Quiksilver Sterns Hat 

Canon Powershot SX700 HS Digital Camera (Black)